The adventures of a highly solicited guest

I stretched out lazily and decided to continue with my sleep after a long yawn. But a faint cry carried through the air reached my left ear as I was sleeping on my right side. It did not take much time for my gray cells to identify the whereabouts of that sound and I did not care as I knew about those sounds in the early mornings and there was someone besides her attending all the time in the room next to me. It was not long before I felt someone picking my hair behind my cot. I knew I used to sleep the alarm clock through but this was the most effective way for me to be awoken even though It may not be at my scheduled time. When I opened my bleary eyes they captured an image of a 2.5 feet object throwing an eerie smile to me. It was none other than my little niece who barely completed one year just 2 months ago.