The CUP really counts

For a one billion population country, Oh, census 2011 says 1.2 billion plus, where cricket is tantamount to religion where diehard fans heart beat in sync with the Indian opening batsman's heartbeat at crease where this game transcends beyond religion, color, race even boundaries... Yes. This world cup really matter.

We have witnessed some best individual performances through out the tournament but in the denouement, it proved only team work and passion to win only drive teams towards their coveted prize.

So sharp in their fielding since their quarter final against Australia, you must have felt, Indian fielding suddenly got up to a new level with the heroics of Yuvi, Kohli, Raina. This would be confirmed by the way yuvi stopped a ball in the semifinal almost defying gravity proved the point.

Until now we have only seen with loaded hearts, how Indian cricket team could not withstand pressure in crucial games, especially batting second. Most of the Indian fans must have got the same feeling when we lost two of our best batsman very cheaply and this was looking ominous. There was pindrop silence in Vankhede when Sehwag got out for a length ball from malicious Malinga which he could not able to connect for the lack of timing and soon for the second time, the son of Mumbai got out by playing an out-swinging delivery by the same bowler.

A slight glimmer of hope came to the spectators which includes some the dignitaries from politics to industry. When Gauti and Kohli played the spinners and fastbowlers alike with much ease, this hope strengthened just after the scored board crossed 100 mark. After played a cameo role, Kohli mistimed an innocuous ball from a part timer. Then came to the crease Dhoni who hasn't scored single fifty in this tournment. It is not hard to imagine that his critics have already sharpened their axes for Srisanth's inclusion in the final eleven instead of Ashwin keeping him to warm the bench. This time his promotion ahead of Yuvi really gave them more ammunition. Had it not been for winning the world cup, he would have been in real trouble similar to Ganguly faced in 2003 when he chose to bowl after winning priceless toss. MSD's fluent batting style and strike rotation made him saw India reaching the winning mark without much trouble. There is no doubt that Gauti kicked himself off for his poor shot when he was on the verge of scoring a world cup final century.

Finally to the happiness of all, We won the world Cup. The credit goes to all the team members, Coach Gary and Cool Dhoni for his leadership, not to mention the emotional support from the fans.

Well Done India.