The enigmatic selection process by IT companies

Rajesh (name changed) attended an Indian IT major campus drive in the month of September. He cleared his written test, answered all the questions that were asked in technical Interview, and gave his HR an hour later. When he faced some simple HR questions in his HR interview round, He thought he almost got the job. But to his utter surprise his name has not appeared in the final list of the selected candidates.

Sitaram got a different experience than above. He also cleared written and technical rounds but he did not anticipate the kind of interview he was going to face. As he entered into the room, he faced the obvious question "tell me about your self?. Feeling lot relaxed (as he already prepared for this question), he started giving his answer on a confident note. But he was abruptly interrupted in the middle and asked by one of the interviewers "Why did not you include your place of birth in your introduction"?.

The moot point is what are the details needed to included in our 2 minute introduction? If we are going to tell about place of birth, and our education details, there might be a possibility that the interviewers may think that this incumbent is giving all the details easily available in resume and may form a low opinion. If a student started telling about achievements and future goals, they may ask questions like above.

By the power vested in the interviewers they have all the freedom to ask anything in interview. but there are no guidelines what to include what not to include in our answers. After all there are not correct or wrong answers for HR interview questions but only relevant and irrelevant answers. And this is really subjective. Some points may be important to some, but may not be to others.

In the end it is ritual every student has to undergo but his fate is in the hands of interviewers.