Remembering Mahatma

If you think that people remember Mahatma only on the day of his birth day, you are profoundly mistaken. This year we have witnessed the repetition of the exhibition of the power of Satyagraha after so many decades what Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela have shown to the world the greatness of this path and its power in getting things done.

One might argue that this is equivalent to blackmailing the government and bureaucracy is an evil we need to live with for the cause of embracing democracy. Who cares about the pervasive corruption and wickedness in our governments except some freedom fighters like Anna. When more than 40% of indians still below poverty line living on bare sustenance levels (Considering planning commissions definition of poverty as Rs.32 per day in urben, Rs28 per day in rural), some politicians amassed wealth to such an extent the whole India simply appalled by the life styles of these wicked politicians. It is worth mentioning that in US, BPL is $22350, or in indian rupees approximately 11 lakh per annum.

Where is the root cause? Is it the innocence of the people who voted for these neta's? or the educated people who stand aloof from every election citing various reasons? or is it the election process itself prompting us to choose best of the two evils?