Verbs - 8 (176-200)

Debase (v):  dih-beys
To debase something means to reduce its value or quality = reduce quality
Software engineer profession is slightly debased due to recession

Debauch (v):  dih-bawch
To distroy or debase the moral purity;being corrput = corrupt
He debauched his sister by involving her in smuggling activities

Debunk (v):  dih-buhngk
If you debunk a widely held belief, you show that it is false If you debunk something that is widely admired, you show that it is not as good as people think it is = to show fasle
His theories have been debunked by recent research

Debilitate  (v):  dih-bil-i-teyt (180)
If you are debilitated by something such as an illness, it causes your body or mind to become gradually weaker = weaken
Progress has been debilitated by a refusal to share ideas

Decapitate (v):  dih-kap-i-teyt
If someone is decapitated, their head is cut off = cut off
The terrorists decapitated the villager

Decimate (v):  des-uh-meyt
To decimate something such as a group of people or animals means to destroy a very large number of them = kill
In the past, large populations were decimated by plague epidemics

Decry (v):  dih-krahy
If someone decries an idea or action, they criticize it strongly = criticise
The measures were decried as useless

Defalcate (v):  dih-fal-keyt
To steal or misuse of funds entrusted to one = steal, misuse
The manager defalcated nearly 2 crore ruppes of office money

Defile (v):  dih-fahyl (185)
To defile something that people think is important or holy means to do something to it or say something about it which is offensive = spoil, pollute
The serenity of the city has been defiled by unplanned construction of buildings

Deflect (v):  dih-flekt
If you deflect something such as criticism or attention, you act in a way that prevents it from being directed towards you or affecting you = turn aside
Nothing is going to deflect me from achieving my ambitions

Deign (v):  deyn
If you say that someone deigned to do something, you are expressing your disapproval of the fact that they did it unwillingly, because they thought they were too important to do it  = condescend
She did not deign to answer the maid’s question

Delete (v):  dih-leet
If you delete something that has been written down or stored in a computer, you cross it out or remove it = erase, strike out
He also deleted files from the computer system

Delineate (v):   dih-lin-ee-eyt
If you delineate something such as an idea or situation, you describe it or define it, often in a lot of detail = describe
The new project has been delineated by the project leader to the team members

Delude (v):  dih-lood (190)
If you delude yourself, you let yourself believe that something is true, even though it is not true = deceive
Students delude themselves that joining in engineering college assures them software job

Demean (v):  dih-meen
If you demean yourself, you do something which makes people have less respect for you = degrade
Don’t use language that demeans women

Dement (v):  dih-ment
Someone who is demented has a severe mental illness, especially Alzheimer’s disease = insane, mad
She became more demented by the day ever since he left her

Demur (v):  dih-mur
If you demur, you say that you do not agree with something or will not do something that you have been asked to do = object
They demurred politely, but finally agreed to stay

Denigrate (v):  den-i-greyt
If you denigrate someone or something, you criticize them unfairly or insult them = blacken
I did n’t want to denigrate her achievements

Depict (v):  dih-pikt (195)
To depict someone or something means to show or represent them in a work of art such as a drawing or painting =  protray, show
In this movie, the main character is depicted as a person who dies for his beliefs

Depilate (v):  dep-uh-leyt
to remove hair
Various depilating creams are available in the market

Deprave (v):  dih-preyv
Something that depraves someone makes them morally bad or evil = bad
In my view, this dance program would deprave young children

Deplete (v):  dih-pleet
To deplete a stock or amount of something means to reduce it = reduce, exhaust
Substances that deplete the ozone layer should be banned

Deploy (v):  dih-ploi
To deploy troops or military resources means to organize or position them so that they are ready to be used
The president said he had no intention of deploying ground troops

Deprecate (v):  dep-ri-keyt (200)
If you deprecate something, you criticize it = criticise
I must deprecate your decision to stop going for higher studies