Cricket versus Other Sports in India

Cricket is a sport which have huge fan following in India. It is the sport which is considered as a religion and the players who marveled at this are treated as gods of that religion. The first match is played in 1932 against England at lords under the captaincy of C.K.Nayudu. Several eminent personalities like Kapil dev, Sunil Gavaskar, Anil kumble and the fantastic four Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly and V.V.S.Laxman brought a great veneration to Indian cricket. A decade back, several Indian fans used to keep the posters of the then members of the team in front of the god and used to perform prayers hoping that god will give them the strength and muscle to win the game. But they used to vent their anger on the properties of those players if they lose the match. Even though these kinds of sabotages reduced these days, but love towards the sport has gone down, whenever India has a match the television viewership reaches peak value.

With the advent of IPL (Indian Premier League) the dimensions of Indian cricket were totally changed. The Indian premier league was kick started in the year 2008 and right from the beginning it has been generating a huge surplus of revenue for BCCI-the governing body of Indian cricket. Recently BCCI felicitated all the former Indian cricketers because of the profits generated by the IPL.
The revenue of the IPL includes

1.    Title sponsorship— 50 million (U.S. Dollars)—DLF for a period of 5 years
2.    Broadcasting rights--1.64 billion (U.S. Dollars)—Indian Sony Entertainment for period of 10 years.
3.    Official partner for umpires--Rs 106 crores—Kingfisher Airlines for period of 5 years.

The entire brand value of IPL is estimated as $4.1 billion equal to 18,998 crore. In a highly populated country like India it is very difficult to secure a place in international cricket team and this IPL not only providing many opportunities to talented pool of young cricketers but also giving them good returns.

Several people are arguing that

1. The T20 format has been posing a threat to traditional test cricket, which is considered as true format that unveils the mettle of any cricketer. 
2. Because of the busy schedule, the fitness of the cricketers is getting affected and their performance has been falling.
3. IPL became a back door for selection into international team.

Impact on other sports:

Because of the cricket mania, several other sports like hockey, tennis and athletic sports are being neglected. Hockey is the sport in which our nation won gold consecutively for 8 times in Olympics. Because of the lack of support the game gradually lost its importance and today we reached a stage where we need to play qualifying matches for Olympics. We need to thank people like Gagan Narang, Sushil Kumar, Vijay kumar, Mary com and Saina nehwal who won Olympic golds in 2012. Their achievements brought all these sports again into lime light. Apart from the fan following the other aspect which has been impending the rise of these sports are lacking of financial support.

Measures to encourage other sports:

1. Unlike BCCI all governing bodies of these didn’t have independent charge and they work under the Government. The Govt of India should bring all sports associations under one organization so that the profits of one game can be used as resources to other sports in the country.
2. Otherwise government should impose certain terms and conditions to BCCI so that certain part of their revenue should be given to encourage other sports apart from regular taxation.
3. The groups like Indian Hockey Federation and Indian Olympic Association should maintain a time table just like the calendar year of BCCI with regular practice sessions keeping the sporting events like Olympics, Asian games and Common Wealth games etc.