GD - 2 (Can women be better professionals?)

India is a nation which attributes a special kind of attention when it comes to the aspect of women professionals. Few decades back people used to say “Behind every success of a man, there will be a woman”. The reasons for this might be confinement of woman to household activities and expectations of men being, it sufficient that women just provide moral support taking care of family and children. But the modern Indian women are more ambitious and are interested in writing their own success stories instead of just being a part of a man’s success story. Some Indian women who are considered as role models are Indira Gandhi, mother Theresa , kiran Bedi and Lata Mangeskar. If we consider the current scenario several women like chandha kochhar (MD, C.E.O of ICICI bank) , shika Sharma (MD, C.E.O of Axis bank) are women leading the top private banks of India. Indira Nooyi (C.E.O of PepsiCo) is another such industrial leader. If you consider the politics names like Mamata Benerjee (W.B), Mayawati (U.P) and Jayalalitha (T.N).  All these women clearly indicate that they are no way inferior to men. Earlier poets used to compare women with flowers and objects which are gentle and soft and even with this filled with compassion. Certain fields like defense and space explorations were considered as out of choice for them. But these days women are penetrating even into these fields and challenging men by setting new standards. For example if we take Sunitha Williams, the space astronaut who spent longest time in space.  All the women mentioned above comes under the category of “leading from front”. The women like Sudha Murthy (wife of narayana murthy and chairperson of Infosys foundations) and Nita Ambani (wife of Mukesh Ambani and chairperson of reliance foundation) comes into the category who drives from back seat. Sudha murthy being a graduate of IISc, Bangalore remained as house wife on request of her husband to take care of her family. Being a woman of lot of caliber she performed a dual role one being the moral support for her husband and other generating an individual identity through her books.

Just like the way women changed in course of time, there came changes even in men’s behavior. Today there are many organizations that offer paternity leave (a leave given to a father to take care of his newly born babies). All these women might not achieved these great things without the support of their men. If taking care of household activities are considered as additional tasks, even men are excelling at that and offering space and time for their women to chase their dreams and enjoy the taste of success.