GD - 3 (Implications involved in separate statehood for Telangana)

Telangana – a region of Andhra Pradesh comprises of 41.47% of area and 41% of population of the entire state. It generates 76% of the states revenue out of which 70% is from Hyderabad. It is well known to every one that these days that the demand for telangana is intensified. Several such rebellions took place in the past. Right from the formation of the Andhra Pradesh state  i.e. in the year 1956. Similar to the one we are witnessing now such agitations took place even in 1969, 12 years after the formation of Andhra Pradesh. Some of the reasons for the demand of separate state are :

a) The people of that region are being under represented in government jobs.
b) Majority of natural resources of the state are being utilized by other regions.

The famous singereni collieries consist of 20% of total country’s total coal deposits and it has been providing a huge employment opportunities for less educated people of that region. The two associations which are leading these agitations are TRS (Telangana Rastra Samithi) and JAC (Joint Action Committee). At the time of formation of Andhra Pradesh, a gentlemen agreement took place between people of two regions saying that the interests of the people will be protected. As per the promise today there existed educational institutes like NIMS and OSMANIA University for medicine, JNTU and BITS for engineering, ISB for management studies .this being the case of the educational sector and if you consider industrial sector Hyderabad had a good name in international IT sector.  And almost every industry having its head office there and operates from Hyderabad.  Despite all these people of that region are still claiming for a separate state. Being one among the larger states in India, Andhra Pradesh couldn’t gain its rightful share of water resources from its neighboring states. If the state is bifurcated, then it becomes much more difficult to fight such battles. The smaller states that were formed in November 2000(i.e. Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and Uttarakand) are still below the national average in several human development indicators. Chhattisgarh ranked 23rd and Jharkhand ranked 24th in HDI rankings of Indian states. Even it will be difficult for smaller states to deal with naxal menance. Abduction of a civil servant Alex Paul menon can be an example for it. If uncertainty prevails in the state several investments will flee to other states which will increase the unemployment levels in Andhra Pradesh. Hence people of both regions should find a solution for this problem as early as possible that to through negotiations without causing harm to more human lives.