India and china are the most populous nations of the world which comprises of more than one-third of the world’s population. The economic growth of any nation depends on the political climate in that nation. At the time of independence the GDP of India is more than China whereas today the total value of Indian economy is one-third of the Chinese economy. In India we follow a multi party democracy whereas in china they follow communist principles. India’s decision to follow multi party democracy yielded nothing but red tapism (delay in decision making), power to opportunistic and corrupt politicians.

The following are some hindrances faced by India because of china:

Security Council berth:
On their visit to India, the presidents of nations U.S., France etc promised India to support their wish to be a member of security council. But they couldn’t fulfill their promise because of pressure from china.  Just because of them India’s interest to active participation in restoring peace around the world remained still as a dream.

Border issues:
We all are well aware of the phrase “enemy’s enemy is friend”. Even though Chinese officials claim that they are expecting healthy relations with India, they are spending superfluously on erecting roads and other infrastructure facilities in the Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK). They denied issue a normal visa to an Indian military official hailing from Jammu & Kashmir to visit china, saying that he is from disputed territory. But the same nation has been issuing visas to the businessman from PoK to visit china for expanding their business without any objection.

Recently several disputes aroused between china and other nations like Japan, Philippines etc in east and South China Sea regions. These are the indications of china’s aggressive nature towards other nations.

India’s own inabilities:
Every nation has been seeing India just as a market destination for the products manufactured in their countries. This is because of India’s poor attention towards strengthening its domestic demand and habit of importing things without manufacturing things indigenously. India is top trading partner for nations like china and U.S. recently the trade and commerce minister of India requested china to lift ban on certain Indian products in order to balance the trade deficit between India and china.  On the other hand china is an exports based nation with India and Africa being its destinations.

Chinese are dominating Indians in every aspect and sports are not even an exception. Recently china secured 2nd place in medals tally in London Olympics where India failed to secure even one gold medal. Apart from this china also developing its infrastructure through organizing international events like Olympics, Asian games and shanghai international expos. But India couldn’t improve its infrastructure and unable to depict India in a good picture. The improper roads, drains and transport facilities are some examples for India’s misery.

Education sector:
Apart from the domestic education system the vulnerability of Indian students is also being exposed in foreign studies. A survey by education portal world education services said the socio-economic status of Chinese students is better than their Indian peers. It stated that 60% of Chinese students have adequate financial resources to study abroad whereas Indians are concerned it is only 27%. 46% of Indian students give importance to tuition fee and living expenses whereas it is only 22% of Chinese consider it. This indicates the financial status of India.

Internet and technology:
In India the 80% of people use foreign social media websites and only 20% use national social media sites. This is exactly opposite in china where they have their social media sites and search engines. The cost of internet is higher in India compared to china.

Public sector units:
In china even today many organizations like china post, Chinese FM are still running profitably. Even though there exists 51% of FDI in retail sector the local retail chains are more predominant.  Hence India needs to boost its domestic demand and enhance its indigenous manufacturing capabilities instead of craving for western products to have long term benefits and sustainable growth. Without improving these India cannot compete with China Dragon.