What is your hobby or interest?

Hobby or interest is where we seek pleasure apart from our profession.  A person who follows a hobby seriously called af·fi·cio·na·do.

You are expected to answer a few questions related to their profession or personal life like Date of birth, Spouse name, their first movie, most successful movie, upcoming movie etc.  These questions may not be answered easily by others who are not following these actors. So Interviewers check how serious you are by asking a few questions on your hobby.  And you are expected to answer most of these questions.  If not, The interviewer believes that you perform things superficially and don't go into depths. Similarly, If you are given a job, you just perform things just for the job sake, but may not going to show any interest to learn more about it.

Guidelines to Answer this question:

1. If your hobby is book reading, read some serious books.  A few fictions may not suffice.  What books you have to read.  Books written by Dr.Abdul kalam (Wing of fire, Ignited minds), Mr.Nandan Nilekani (Imagining India), Robert covey (7 habits of highly effective people) etc.

2. If your hobby is singing, ready to sing a few songs sung by your favorite singer!

3. If your hobby is playing cricket, be abreast with latest happenings in the cricketing world.  Don't forget to learn about your favorite cricketer

The answers given by these students are selected for one of the IT companies TCS, Wipro, Capgemini.  Use these sample answers and take good points in these to prepare your own answers. 

Sample Answer 1:
My hobbies are watching movies and listening to music. I also do fabric painting and embroidery work on the saris.

Sample Answer 2:
My hobbies is sketching. I also love to Cook. I read books in my spare time. I am also interested in Gardening.

Sample Answer 3:
My hobbies are surfing internet & chat with my friends about some thing which is interesting at that particular point of time.

Sample Answer 4:
My hobbies are solving puzzles especially I like Sudoku, watching movies, listening music, computer gaming, learning about computers, surfing the internet, drawing, reading fantasy stories and many other things. I like having chatter with friends and my parents about their past events and discuss about future plans.

Sample Answer 5:
I usually surf internet & chat with my friends about some thing which is interesting at that particular point of time.

Sample Answer 6:
My hobby is listening to music especially rocking music,surfing Hollywood movies on net and chitchatting with my parents and friends.

Sample Answer 7:
My hobbies are surfing net about latest technologies in electronics & various other activities like studying HTML & PHOTO SHOP lectures online. I also answer the questions posed by various people online in Yahoo Answers portal in the category of computers & internet.  I am a level 3 answerer with 12% best answers in that portal.

Sample Answer 8:
My hobbies are watching movies and listening to songs. Especially I watch movies which are very innovative like Transformer, Narnia. Recently I have started reading books. One of the book which inspired me a lot is 'The Magic Of Thinking Big'.

 Sample Answer 9:
Playing chess and also participating in chess competitions held in our college every year.

Sample Answer 10 : (By Rupesh Kumar)
I usually surf Internet for knowing the latest advancements in the field of mobile and computing including software.  I also like to answer the queries of people in various discussion forums.

Provide your answer to this question in the comments section. If it contains any mistakes we correct it.  And if it receives good number of votes, we put your answer along with your name in this page for others reference.