TCS New Verbal Elimination Round - 2014 - (1)

1. Use all the phrases given 
2. Minimum words should be 50 otherwise your email cannot be validated
3. Addressing and signing should be done as in the question given. 
4. Common grammatical rules, punctuation should be according to standard english.
5. you can use your own phrases along with the phrases given. 

Question 1: 

Using the following phrases, write an email with minimum of 70 words to the customer Mr. Gill Roy explaining delay to the project.
Payment processing system – Schedule – 10th May (Friday) – Unexpected power outage – 3 days – Overall delay – 7 days – includes recovery of lost work – will not recur
Sample Answer:
Dear Gill Roy
The project “Payment processing system” was scheduled to be delivered on 10th May (Friday). However, due to an unexpected power outage in our offshore site for the past 3 days, work did not progress as expected. Also we lost a few of our works as backup systems did not come online.  Hence we are expecting an overall delay includes recovery of lost work in the delivery of the project for a maximum of 7 days within which our team will work on the issues. Apologies for the delay and we will ensure that the mistake will not recur in future again. 
Thanks and Regards 

Question 2: 
You are a part of corporate communication team in your company.  The working time period is revised as 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Using the following phrases, write an email with a minimum of 70 words and a maximum of 100 words to the employees in your company informing the same. 
by 30 minutes to avoid traffic - effect from next week - lunch duration-revised working time - reduced by 10 minutes-free breakfast-office will start earlier-till the end of rainy season-will be in effect.
Sample Answer:
Dear All
We hereby announce a change in the work timings as 8.30 AM to 5.00 PM, with effect from next week, till the end of rainy season Which means, office hours would commence 30 mins earlier to cover up minimum 30 Mins extra time being spent during peak hour traffic during monsoons. Also, additional changes include reduction of lunch duration by 10 minutes & timings of free breakfast are now applicable from 7.30 AM to 8.30 AM only. Since request to each one of you to adhere to the new timings.
Have a nice day
Lead - Corporate Communications

Question 3: 
As your company is doing good business and expanding, your company is relocating it's office to a new address.  Using the following phrases, write an email with a minimum of 70 words and a maximum of 100 words to your customer informing the change in address.
near outer ring road-shifting to-bigger office space-November 10-change in telephone number-new address is provided below-fourth floor-Cesina Business Park.
Sample Answer:
Dear All
We are happy to announce that we are moving out to much spacious office from November 10th onwards.  It is indeed a great sign of our ever growing business & our increasing clientele.
Hence, for a better productivity results, our management has taken a decision of increasing the team size & allocate us a much more spacious facility with all the modern state of art amenities.
Our new abode will be Fourth Floor, Cesina Business Park, Near Outer Ring Road, Bangalore/Chennai/Hyderabad etc.,
Please also make a note of new board line number (reception number)-xxx-xxxxxxxx.  Lets us all make the most use of the resources available in the said new office to server our clients
Thanks & Regards 

Question 4: 
You are the project leader for a team of 20 members.  As the team members are not submitting the weekly time sheets regularly, you need to email them stressing the need to submit without fail.  Using the following phrases, write an email with a minimum of 70 words and a maximum of 100 words to your team members informing the same.  
can be accessed online-lead to loss of pay-every week-do not default-used to bill client-actual working hours-by friday-failure to adhere-time sheet filling application.
Sample Answer:
Dear All
It has been observed that many of you are not filling the timesheets on regular basis.  Let me tell you, filling up time sheets is the only way, to measure your hardwork, as long as you are working on this project. So please do not default on this.  More over, This is important for us to report it to our client, the actual amount of work done by each one of you in terms of number of hours per day, at the end of every week. 
Only on the basis of this, we can bill you all to the client, which is directly linked to you monthly salary.  In our words, it leads to loss of pay for any particular day, for which time sheet is not filled.
Please adhere to the company guidelines & fill the same on daily basis or atleast weekly basis.
Time sheet filling application is easily accessible in our intranet portal, which needs your login credentials.
Please do the needful on regular basis.
Project Lead