TCS Placement paper solved 2013

How many functions satisfy the expression f(x^2)=(f(x))^2=f(f(x))?
a) 1    b)2    c)0     d)more than 3

2.     20 kg rice costs Rs30/kg and 40kg rice costs Rs25/kg. A dealer mixed both the commodities and sold one third of it at Rs26/kg. At what cost per kg must he sell the remaining rice to get a overall profit of 25%. ?
a)37   b)40  c)25   d)35

3.     At the end of 1994, ramu’s age was half as that of his grandmother. The sum  of years in which they were born is 3940. What is ramu’s age at the end of 1999?
a)53   b)48  c)50   d)55

4.     In a class of 100, 60% are girls and 45 of them are poor. A girl is to be selected for the post of a leader. What is the probability that the girl is poor?
a)0.45   b)0.6    c)0.45*0.6     d) none

5.     A man can load a box into truck in 9 minutes. Total 8 boxes can fill a truck. In 1 and a half hour how many trucks can 16 men load completely?    
a)20   b)21  c)19   c)18

6.     A boy’s age after 3 years will be half as his father’s age and 2 years back, his age is half as his mother’s age. At present, his age is 15. What is the sum of the ages of his parents?

7.     1-2+3-4+5..............-100=

8.     [0.5+(1/100)]+[0.5+(2/100)]+[0.5+(3/100)]..............+[0.5+(99/100)]=

9.     George does a work in 5 days, marry does it in 6 days and harry does it in 10 days. If each person does the work for 1 day and are given a total of Rs 9000 and the money is divided according to the share of the work, what is the share of George?

10.                         George can do a project in 30 days and harry in 45 days. George was made the project leader which made harry upset and he didn’t work on project for 15 days and then he joined the project. In how many days was the project completed?

11.                         1-2+3-4...........+200. What’s the average of this series?

12.                         How much should be added to the number ______ so that it gives a remainder 35 when divided by 460?

13.                         There are two numbers a=x^3y^2,  b=xy^2. What is the hcf?

14.                         A scientist doesn’t  remember numbers greater than 15. He only remembers the remainders of the numbers when divided by 5,7 and 13. The money he took out in the wallet was (0,6,12). After paying  the salary of the servant, he had (3,0,2). What is the worker’s salary?

15.                         A+B+C+D+E=FG, where FG= 10F+G.What is the max value of G when A,B,C,D,E are distinct digits?