Tell me about yourself

Guidelines to answer this question: 
1. Highlight your academic achievements. 
2. Add your family details only when they asked. 
3. Don't promise what you do if given a job, but expose your achievements.  
4. Highlight any prizes you won. 
5. Mention any prizes won for your paper presentations in various events. 
6. Show how your personality has been shaped by relevant examples. 

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The answers given by these students are selected for one of the IT companies TCS, Wipro, Capgemini.  Use these sample answers and take good points in these to prepare your own answers. 

Sample Answer 1: 
I am Srujana. I am a person with a lot of enthusiasm to learn new things and I follow the motto “Live Life to the Fullest”. I mainly believe that hard work really matters in our progress. With my hard work I was in the top 5 in the school. I continued this hard work and perseverance even in the later stage, so I stood as a topper in the intermediate and mine was the best EAMCET rank in the college, which led me to join in the reputed institution JNTU, KAKINADA College of Engineering. But it didn’t obstruct me to go for other activities like participating in several dance competitions and in skits which were held during annual day celebrations in school and college. I also learnt violin for few days but due to some reasons I dropped it. If I have a chance I will continue this in the future. I have presented technical papers during my B.Tech. 2nd and 3rd year. During the technical fest held in our college, I took part in the QUIZ committee and I conducted stalls with my own initiation. I am mainly interested in watching films and I love to listen songs (Filmy) in my leisure time.

Sample Answer 2: 
This is Sravanthi. I am pursuing final year B.Tech. in the department of Electronics and communication Engg., in University College of Engg., of JNTUK. I was into this esteemed university, with my hard work, intelligence and commitment, with a good EAMCET Rank. I have maintained consistency in academics since my schooling and I used to be in the top of the batch. I maintained this performance even in my graduation; I am in the top 10 in the class. Though I am strong in my academics, I had no interest in general reading, but I have developed this habit for past 1 year. The books inspired me the most are ‘The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari’ by Robin Sharma and ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho. My favorite author is Chetan Bhagat. Coming to my objectives in life, My family has inculcated the motto ‘Live and Let Live’ into my life which made my objective as starting an organization for Deaf and Dumb by introducing sophisticated equipment to make them normal and I provide this at the optimum cost to the needy. I am fully committed to achieve this objective as I have got the direct exposure to the obstacles faced by these people in leading their lives from my childhood, as my sister is facing the same problem.

Sample Answer 3: 
Good Morning Sir.This is Dheeraj pursuing my B.Tech final year from Pragati Engineering College.  I've studied in various schools in various towns which gave me a chance  to observe various things like customs , languages etc.  Once while I'm in my 6th class one of the student from my school got prathiba award which inspired and motivated me in such a way that I worked hard & I too secured Prathiba award by standing 2nd position in the West Godavari district. From there onwards I do started to maintain a constant academic record to maximum extent possible.  My hobbies are reading books and following current affairs.

Sample Answer 4: 
I am Ravi Kiran. I am currently pursuing my B.Tech Final Year in E.C.E stream. During my academic career I had participated in many competitions and events achieved many prizes. During my B.Tech I had given paper presentations in various colleges. One of the best is my paper presentation on ‘Global Positioning Systems’ for which I secured the FIRST Prize. I had participated in my college events every year and I was appreciated for my services as volunteer in my 1st and 2nd years. In the 3rd year of the event I had worked as a Designer and Team Manager. In my school days I stood among top 5 students in my class. I secured 4th place in my class VII Public Exams and 2nd in my class X Board Exams. I secured 78th rank in a District level Competitive Exam in my X class.  Not only in academic events but also in sports and competitions conducted in various Schools and Institutions I secured many prizes. I secured FIRST prize in CHESS competition and RUNNERS Prize in KHO–KHO and QUIZ conducted in my school. I secured RUNNERS prize in SHUTTLE competition. I was selected for a display in an exhibition behalf of my school. I am a LEVEL 2 contributor for Yahoo Answers in the field of COMPUTERS.

Sample Answer 5: 
Hello sir,This is Avinash.  My parents put my name as Avinash because, it means immortal. They hope that whatever happen i must be safe.  From childhood onwards i was enthusiastic about new things and i was merit student from childhood. I topped  several times in school.I secured first place in Ramanujan state mathematics competition twice.  From childhood i like mathematics very much that's why I took MPC group in intermediate. Actually I  studied up to 10th class in non english medium, but when i joined in intermediate in English medium i was panic and not comfortable and i take Three weeks to settled there.  After that i never feel nervous.At that time my cousin got the job in HCL in Chennai and he told me that how he did the hard work more than enough to get the job because of lack of skills.  So better to improve your skills from the starting of B.Tech if you want to settle in software or hardware side.But don't neglect that one,if you think that before one month by hearting something is impossible. By his guidance i was change my attitude according to career. 

Sample Answer 6: 
This is Sree Harsha From my childhood i like to participate in talent events as such i participated in District science fair & bagged Second prize.It is then i understood the importance of practical knowledge in our life.I participated in various technical events right from my first year & bagged lots of exposure to team events.With that as the basis i designed a website for college technical event .  At the same time I learned the tech information such as resolving problems regarding computer hardware,software,Virus coding ,Hacking & many tips to improve computer or internet speed and details regarding the system.I also participated in Teaser round of Aspirations2020 conducted by infosys & was shortlisted to participate in college round.

Sample Answer 7: 
I am Keerthi. My mother is a teacher and i lost my father when i was small. My mom being a teacher used to tell me the importance of studies. This developed in me a natural interest towards study. I was among the top 5 during my school days. But this never made me a bookworm. I used to participate in the cultural programs conducted on teacher's day, independence day and annual day. I took part in many dance programs and skits. I was the part of the organizing committee too. I learnt classical dance for few years and gave many stage shows during festivals. I have a lot of perseverance and i never get deterred by the  failures. In my 10th class even though I was among the top students in my school, my score was less when compared to other school students . It was disappointing but my confidence was never shattered. In fact this failure instigated me to work much more harder and by the dint of my effort I was the topper of my college during intermediate. From this experience, I learnt not to get disheartened by failures and carried away by the success. Whenever I find time I watch movies and listen songs. Especially I watch movies  which are very innovative like Transformer, Narnia. Recently I have started reading books. One of the book which inspired me a lot is 'The Magic Of Thinking Big'.

Sample Answer 8: 
My name is Lakshmi Gayatri. My father is working in APSRTC  and my mother is house wife. In my childhood my father used to tell the importance of education. So i have lot of passion towards my education My native place is tandrangi village in vizianagaram and We moved to vizianagaram because of my education.  .I stood at top 5 places during school days.With my hard work and encouragement of teachers I got 738 rank in EAMCET. It is the best rank in my family  and its my biggest achievement. I have joined ECE in JNT university college of engineering Kakinada. My strengths are confidence and commitment towards my work. My weakness is  my hand writing.. My hobbies are watching TV and listening goal is to get a job and reaching higher positions in this organization.  

Sample Answer 9: (by Sontyana Roja)
I am roja currently pursuing B tech final year in ece stream. My biggest strength is my hardwork. With my hardwork,commitment to work only I was in the top 5 in my school. I continued the same hardwork and determination even in later stages. It led me to get into a well reputated college like GMRIT. I am from telugu medium background because of my lacking in speaking skills i missed so many opportunities. That day I remember in my life when i was not able to introduce myself to class and so many were laughing at me with my rubbish english . But I have a strong desire to improve my speaking skills .In one of movie "happy days" a student came from telugu medium background he feel nervous to talk to his friends at begining. but finally he got job with good speaking skills than other people who good in english . i have learn so many things from my college like how I can easily mingle with others and time management ,how we respect ourselves. I am the person who always believing my self and confident about what I believe. My motto in my life was one of the inspiring quote by swami vivekananda. "Arise , Awake until you reach your goal" . I used to spent my free time to collect inspiring quotations and listening music which give relief to the mind.

Sample Answer 10:
I am pranith, I have completed my B'Tech in the department of Electronics and communication in Aurora's technological and research Institute. I have maintained consistency in my graduation thats why got 74% in my graduation.   I have participated in some tech fests in our college and i stood third in Tech quiz and also stood first in a course conducted by C-DAC which is on Digital System Design.  My greatest strength is my Hard work and my consistency is the reason to get first place in Digital System Design.  My hobbies are watching cricket and playing chess and my goal is to get a job and to reach higher position in a organisation

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