Vocab Test - 17


1. PATERNAL (A) generous (B) aged (C) fatherly (D) thrifty (E) narrowminded

2. CALIBER (A) gaiety (B) quality (C) hope (D) similarity (E) politeness

3. PARADOX (A) virtuous man (B) equal rights (C) seeming contradiction (D) complicated design (E) geometric figure

4. DISPEL (A) punish (B) excite (C) pay out (D) drive away (E) misunderstand

5. VERBATIM (A) out loud (B) word for word (C) in set phrases (D) elegantly expressed (E) using too many words

6. GRUELING (A) exhausting (B) surprising (C) insulting (D) embarrassing (E) boring

7. CREDIBILITY (A) freedom from prejudice (B) religious doctrine (C) capacity for belief (D) questioning attitude (E) good judgment

8. APPROPRIATE (A) betray (B) compliment (C) take possession of (D) give thanks (E) draw near to

9. EXONERATE (A) overcharge (B) lengthen (C) leave out (D) free from blame (E) serve as a model

10. BLAND (A) flattering (B) foolish (C) successful (D) soothing (E) sharp

 11. EFFIGY (A) representation (B) shadow (C) parade (D) ancestor (E) present

12.ZEST (A) operation (B) mood (C) great dismay (D) keen enjoyment (E) false alarm

13. ASTUTE (A) shrewd (B) inflammable (C) de?ant (D) out of tune (E) bitter

14. DISCREPANCY (A) variance (B) disbelief (C) feebleness (D) insult (E) forcefulness

15. COPIOUS (A) copyrighted (B) tricky (C) abundant (D) complete (E) sincere

16. ADVENT (A) approval (B) opportunity (C) welcome (D) recommendation (E) arrival

17.IMMINENT (A) about to occur (B) never-ending (C) up-to-date (D) inconvenient (E) youthful

 18. RANKLE (A) spread around (B) seize quickly (C) crease (D) search (E) irritate deeply

 19. INJUNCTION (A) exclamation (B) rebellion (C) directive (D) crisis (E) illegality

20. DEFT (A) critical (B) conceited (C) lighthearted (D) skillful (E) tactful