Vocab Test - 36


1. SUPERFICIAL (A) shallow (B) unusually fine (C) proud (D) aged (E) spiritual

2. DISPARAGE (A) separate (B) compare (C) refuse (D) belittle (E) imitate

3. PROTAGONIST (A) prophet (B) explorer (C) talented child (D) convert (E) leading character

4. LUDICROUS (A) profitable (B) excessive (C) disordered (D) ridiculous (E) undesirable

5. INTREPID (A) moist (B) tolerant (C) fearless (D) rude (E) gay

6. SAGE (A) wise man (B) tropical tree (C) tale (D) era (E) fool

7. ADMONISH (A) polish (B) escape (C) worship (D) distribute (E) caution

8. BESET (A) plead (B) perplex (C) pertain to (D) deny (E) deprive of

9. FIGMENT (A) ornamental openwork (B) perfume (C) undeveloped fruit (D) statuette (E) invention

10. GLIB (A) dull (B) thin (C) weak (D) fluent (E) sharp

 11. FORTITUDE (A) wealth (B) courage (C) honesty (D) loudness (E) luck

12. ABOLITION (A) retirement (B) disgust (C) enslavement (D) unrestricted power (E) complete destruction

13. EPITOME (A) pool (B) summary (C) formula (D) monster (E) song

14. MAIM (A) heal (B) disable (C) outwit (D) murder (E) bury

15. CRESTFALLEN (A) haughty (B) dejected (C) fatigued (D) disfigured (E) impolite

16. CUISINE (A) headdress (B) game of chance (C) leisurely voyage (D) artistry (E) style of cooking

17. CENSURE (A) erase (B) build up (C) criticize adversely (D) charm (E) help

 18. DEVIATE (A) destroy (B) lower in value (C) invent (D) stray (E) depress

 19. SWARTHY (A) dark-complexioned (B) slender (C) grass-covered (D) springy (E) rotating

20. MERCENARY (A) poisonous (B) unworthy (C) serving only for pay (D) luring by false charms (E) showing pity