Vocab Test - 38


1. ACQUIT (A) increase (B) harden (C) clear (D) sharpen (E) sentence

2. DEXTERITY (A) conceit (B) skill (C) insistence (D) embarrassment (E) guidance

3. ASSIMILATE (A) absorb (B) imitate (C) maintain (D) outrun (E) curb

4. DESPONDENCY (A) relief (B) gratitude (C) dejection (D) hatred (E) poverty

5. BUOYANT (A) conceited (B) cautioning (C) youthful (D) musical (E) cheerful

6. CULINARY (A) having to do with cooking (B) pertaining to dressmaking (C) fond of eating (D) loving money (E) tending to be secretive

7. CAPRICE (A) wisdom (B) ornament (C) pillar (D) whim (E) energy

8.DETERRENT (A) restraining (B) cleansing (C) deciding (D) concluding (E) crumbling

9. PUGNACIOUS (A) sticky (B) cowardly (C) precise (D) vigorous (E) quarrelsome

10. ABSCOND (A) detest (B) reduce (C) swallow up (D) dismiss (E) flee

 11. BOUNTY (A) limit (B) boastfulness (C) cheerfulness (D) reward (E) punishment

12. NOVICE (A) storyteller (B) iceberg (C) adolescent (D) mythical creature (E) beginner

13. BOLSTER (A) contradict (B) insist (C) defy (D) sleep (E) prop

14. MOBILE (A) changeable (B) scornful (C) mechanical (D) stylish (E) solid

15. CREDULITY (A) prize (B) feebleness (C) balance (D) laziness (E) belief

16. DOLDRUMS (A) charity (B) curing agents (C) contagious disease (D) low spirits (E) places of safety

17. LOATH (A) idle (B) worried (C) unwilling (D) ready (E) sad

 18. INVENTIVE (A) aimless (B) clever (C) moist (D) false (E) nearby

 19. LITHE (A) tough (B) obstinate (C) flexible (D) damp (E) gay

20. VACILLATE (A) waver (B) defeat (C) favor (D) endanger (E) humiliate