Vocab Test - 42


1. CALLIGRAPHY (A) weaving (B) handwriting (C) drafting (D) mapmaking (E) graph making

2. SYNCHRONIZE (A) happen at the same time (B) follow immediately in time (C) alternate between events (D) postpone to a future time (E) have difficulty in hearing

3. SEMBLANCE (A) surface (B) diplomacy (C) replacement (D) appearance (E) confidence

4. WISTFUL (A) winding (B) mutual (C) exciting (D) rugged (E) yearning

5. CURTAIL (A) threaten (B) strengthen (C) lessen (D) hasten (E) collide

6. NOXIOUS (A) spicy (B) smelly (C) foreign (D) noisy (E) harmful

7. PAUCITY (A) fatigue (B) scarcity (C) nonsense (D) waste (E) motion

8. JEOPARDIZE (A) soothe (B) cleanse (C) enjoy (D) reward (E) endanger

9. INTREPID (A) exhausted (B) moderate (C) anxious (D) youthful (E) fearless

10.TREACHEROUS (A) ignorant (B) envious (C) disloyal (D) cowardly (E) inconsiderate

 11. UNSAVORY (A) unfriendly (B) joyless (C) tactless (D) colorless (E) tasteless

12. HEARSAY (A) testimony (B) argument (C) rumor (D) accusation (E) similarity

13. HAMPER (A) restrain (B) pack (C) clarify (D) grip (E) err

14. BEDLAM (A) inadequacy (B) confusion (C) translation (D) courtesy (E) curiosity

15. INFALLIBLE (A) negative (B) unfair (C) essential (D) certain (E) weary

16. CONTEND (A) solve (B) observe (C) outwit (D) encourage (E) compete

17. AMOROUS (A) shapeless (B) helpful (C) familiar (D) loving (E) solemn

 18.ALLEVIATE (A) reject (B) ease (C) imitate (D) consent (E) elevate

 19. NEOPHYTE (A) participant (B) of?cer (C) beginner (D) winner (E) quarrel

20. SOLACE (A) comfort (B) weariness (C) direction (D) complaint (E) respect