30 Most Important HR interview questions with Suggested Answers

Question 1 :
Based on what you know about us, what could we be doing more efficiently ?
Since you don’t know much about the company you should play it safe.
Suggested Answer :
Since I only know about the company from what is available on the internet I will not be in a position to give answer to your question.

If you are smart and have great ideas then talk about new ideas that the company could look at and how you can help implement them.

Question 2 :
If God was outside the interview room, what are the three  wishes you would ask from him ?
Companies wish to know what  you philosophy towards Life is.  Based on your answer they will judge whether you are selfish or have a broader outlook toward society.  If I’m asked this question I will answer as follows:
Suggested Answer :
I will ask for Heath so I can work to the best of my abilities, passion for excellence at work from me or the team and empathy for overall good of the society.

Question 3 :
We found another candidate equally eligible for this job.  Tell us why we should hire you over the other candidate ?  Or they can ask “ Why should we hire you ?”
This is a question to see if you are smart enough to justify why you are better than the other candidate.
Suggested Answer :
I’m grateful for considering me along with the other candidates.  I’m sure you are able find qualities in them and me matching the job requirement.  If I’m given a chance I will justify your choice of my selection over the other candidate by becoming a good asset for the company by working diligently and with dedication.

Question 4 :
Do you have any question for us / me ? 
Suggested Answer :
Will you please suggest what skills I should get trained before joining the job ?
What is the culture of the organization ?  Is it formal or  casual ?
What educational programs are available for staff and how they are administered ?
Do you have on the job training opportunities ?
What are your review practices ?  Are they annual, semi-annual and what are your evaluation techniques ?

Question 5:
What are the most important rewards you expect to gain from your career ?
Suggested Answer :
Satisfaction of doing the job well, happy customers thanking me for the service I do, healthy office environment, a great team and steady progress in career are the most important rewards I expect.

Question 6:
Give me an example of a time when you were able to successfully communicate with another person even when that individual may not have personally linked you (or vice versa).
Think of a situation in your life and use the below answer as just a guideline.
Suggested Answer :
Some time first impressions are not always the best impression.  One of my classmates was not having good terms with the rest of the classmates and he never attempted  to make friendship with any  one and always was in bad mood.  Whenever I tried to talk to him he just used to yell at me and walk away from that place.  One day I decided to find out the reason for his bad behavior and went to his house.  He was taken back with surprise when he saw me at this house because we are not good friends.  I smiled and said that I wish to make friendship with him.  He somehow listened to me and said that he was having trouble at home always and that is the reason for him having bad mood.  He finally realized that his classmates care for his friendship and can make his college life memorable.  I succeeded in bringing smile to his face finally and gained a good friend in return.

Question 7 :
Please list three areas you feel have opportunities for improvement ?
Suggested Answer :
First : Understanding the value of listening.  The more we listen the better we would be in making a lasting impression on others.  Second :  Making sure that my work carries high quality.  Third :  Make sure to work with dedication and focus.

Question 8:
What makes you think that you will succeed in this position ?
Suggested Answer :
If I take up any assignment during my college I made sure to finish the work on time with good quality output.  I used to work hard to make sure that I keep up with that quality.  So I think I will succeed in this position if I work with same mindset, dedication and focus.

Question 9:
How would you tackle the first 90 days at this job ?
Suggested Answer :
First I will try to understand the HR manuals of do’s and don’ts at work.  I will introduce myself to the team.  I will check with my manager if I have to attend any orientation classes and if yes then I will promptly enroll there.  If there are no trainings then I will ask my manager to assign me work and I will request some time with my seniors and find out the best practices, tools and techniques to finish my task.  If I have doubts I may go back to the senior or may get help from my boss.  If anything else is given during these 90 days I will work on it.

Question 10:
What two or three things are most important to you in your job ?
Suggested Answer :
A challenging assignment which forces me to do  my best, A great team that inspires me to do well, A great company that creates a conducive work environment and opportunities for its employs.

Question 11:
What do you feel about diversity in the workplace ?  Do you think it is important ?
Suggested Answer :
Yes diversity brings a different view / perspective to a challenging problem in a project.  It is very important to have, culturally different people with varied experiences, opinions, personalities to make a project succeed and keep customers happy.

Question 12:
Tell me the difference between good and exceptional ?
Suggested Answer :
If my work meets the standards of what customer, my boss and the team wants then I consider that as good.  If I surprise, excite and make my customer to come back to me and my project team again then I think it to be exceptional.

Question 13:
Would you consider yourself an organized person ?
Suggested Answer :
Yes to a large extent because I’m still a student and able to understand the value of education, employable skills but being a student sometimes I miss my planned activities for a day out of youthful exuberance and peer pressure from my friends.

Question 14:
Do you consider yourself overqualified for this position?
Suggested Answer :
My opinion is that works is complex and always provides opportunity to solve challenges that will make me a better person, improve my confidence and skills.  So I don’t think I’m overqualified for this position.

Question 15 :
Describe what qualities would you like to see in a supervisor ?
Suggested Answer :
For a fresher like me I feel nervous, lost when coming to work first time.  I look for a guide, helping hand, a person who understands my feeling and makes me feel confident and comfortable with work until I’m able to start working with confidence.

Question 16:
What is more important to you, the money or the work ?
Suggested Answer :
I give importance to both but if I focus on work and become a valuable asset to company then money will automatically come in the form of compensations and other perks.

Question 17:
If you had enough money to retire right now, would you ?
Suggested Answer :
I’m still too young to think of retirement in spite of having money to retire.  May be I would have given a chance to another student to compete for this job and used that money instead to start a small company and would have thought of giving employment to others.  That I think is the right way of using the money and keep myself busy for a worthy cause of generating wealth by creating a company.

Question 18:
What can you contribute to this company ?  Explain how you would be an asset to this company ?
Suggested Answer :
I have the stamina, health, interest to learn new skills and knowledge gained through my education; trainings on team skills, communication skills that can be assets for the company.

Question 19 :
What is your philosophy towards work ?
Suggested Answer :
Work with dedication to provide high quality standards, be a shining example for juniors and to be considered as an asset for any project team.

Question 20 :
In what kind of work environment are you comfortable in ?
Suggested Answer :
I feel comfortable if my work is appreciated, be part of a project team that works on complex problems and every one of the team members working towards a common goal.

Question 21 :
What have you done to improve your skills / knowledge from last year ?
Suggested Answer :
This year I was fortunate enough to realize that I need many skills other than studies.  I realized this while attending guest lectures from corporate professionals.  So I attended trainings on team skills, communication skills, email etiquette, work ethics and willingness to go extra mile to achieve good results on a challenging assignments.

Question 22 :
If hired, how long do you expect to work for us ?
Suggested Answer :
I applied to this job with an intention of having a long term relationship with the company and never imagined or thought that this question will be asked.  I strongly feel that the company is good enough to take care of employee’s benefits and career progression so I’m not having any plans of moving out anytime soon.

Question 23:
Before you can make a productive contribution to the company, with degree of training do you feel you will require ?
Suggested Answer :
I feel I should get the company’s core principals, culture and best practices trainings and may need training on use of tools, delivery methods, coding standards of the projects.

Question 24 :
What challenges are you looking for in a position ?
Suggested Answer :
The first challenge I feel is how fast I could get comfortable with company’s work culture and become productive.  Then I have to make sure that I contribute well to the project and looking forward to learn the required skills as fast as I could

Question 24 : 
What were your reasons for selecting your college or university ?
You know much better about your college and university more than me.  I just gave a general answer to guide you.
Suggested Answer :
My college has always had a reputation as having an excellent faculty, so I knew that if I enrolled there, I would achieve first - class preparation for my chosen career field.  I checked with my seniors and found that the college attracts top companies for campus recruitment.  Having visited the campus before enrolling, I checked the facilities and found out that they have excellent sport fields, encourage students to compete in several local and national level competitions.  That convinced me to join the college.

Question 25 :
How will the academic program and course work you’ve taken benefit your career ?
Suggested Answer :
Academic program gave me the foundation of the subjects and some level of advanced knowledge.  We had several seminars, debates and competitions during the college days that exposed me to advanced knowledge in my area of studies.  We had practicals and a live project experience that gave me the challenges and hurdles we could face in completing a task.  All these experiences I feel are very beneficial for my career.

Question 26 :
Which college classes or subjects did you like best ? why?
This is again depends on what you liked the most.  The answer is just a guidance.
Suggested Answer :
I like the class of C language the most.  From the early days of school I got fascinated with software games and want to develop some cool games.  I realized I have to learn software for that and that is the reason I chose computer science engineering at college and love working on software code so one day I would be able to use my knowledge to develop some cool games.

Question 27 :
Describe the type of professor that has created the most beneficial learning experience for you ?
Again think of a person who you like the most and who motivates you the most and describe the benefits you got listening to him / her.  The below answer is just a guide for you to use.

Note: The below answer is given about me by several students, so I’m using the same answer here. Use someone’s name instead of my name in case you have someone else in your mind.

Suggested Answer :
I loved attending the classes of visiting guest lecturer ABC“ because he with his global experience always explained the value of high quality work, finishing work on time, looking forward to constantly upgrading new skills to take on challenging assignments, importance of keeping up to date in our area of studies using modern tools and software.  His presentation skills, language use and passion have helped me to transform from a novice to a knowledgeable person today.

Question 28 :  
Do you think that your grades are an indication of your academic achievement ?
For this question think of what else you did other than studies.
Suggested Answer :
I think it is more than grades.  In addition to studies, I participated in sports and extracurricular activities in school and college.  These activities taught me leadership, communication, and team work skills.  Attending seminars, guest lectures and other competitions, enabled me to know different cultures, practices, presentation skills, issues and other valuable experiences that I could use in my career as needed.

Question 29 :
What plans do you have for continued study ?  An advanced degree ?
Tricky question because you are planning to join the company so you cannot say you will continue on advanced degree.
Suggested Answer :
I realized that there is no end for learning.  So I feel Continuing education can include on the job training, courses sponsored by the employer, and courses taken in new technologies as they emerge.  I plan to pursue education with company’s permission so that I can enhance / complement my skills at work.

Question 30 :  
How do you think you will compensate for your lack of experience ?
If you are still a student and there is time before interview I suggest you to get trained at some prominent corporate skills training institute to answer such questions.
Suggested Answer :
Fortunately I realized the value of team work, time, work ethics, communication skills and other office manners while still studying and got trained at a professionally run institute to enable me to become quickly productive when I enter job.  I’m also regularly updating my knowledge about how projects at the companies are run.  This information, the training and the company’s orientation classes should sufficiently cover my lack of experience.