Amcat model questions - 3

For the following questions find the word which is similar to the sentence or word given. 

A. pious
B. outrageous
C. anxious
D. sociable
E. gloomy
Answer: B
Egregious means very bad or outrageous.  Pious means having belief in God.  Sociable means being friendly.  Gloomy means dull. 

A. paint
B. garner
C. adorn
D. abuse
E. banish
Answer: C
Garnish means decorate.  You hear this word mostly on TV in culinary episodes. After preparing  a dish the anchor says that you have to adorn this with badam or something to give some good taste or look!! Adorn is similar to this.  Garner means collect.  Abuse means criticize.  Banish means eradicate or remove. 

A. garrulous
B. primeval
C. vigorous
D. disparate
E. thin

Answer: E
Emaciated means very thin or weak.  Garrulous means talkative or chatter box.  Primeval means earliest time in history.  Vigorous means intense.  Disparate means separate and cannot be compared.

Flowers and insects or anything lasting only for a day.
A. Transitional
B. Ephemeral
C. Transient
D. Transitory
E. Monumental

Answer: B
One word substitution for the above definition is Ephemeral.  Transient also similar.  But for flowers we can use ephemeral.  Transient smile means which lasts for short time.   Transitory is not permanent.  Monumental means something which is very important. 

5. The liberal school of thought trusts in education reform, and the sporadic use of force to remedy the depravity of certain isolated individuals
or groups.
A. Infrequent, irregular
B. Persistent, constant
C. Continuous
D. Sparing
E. Corrective and preventive both
Answer: A
Sporadic means happening at irregular intervals.  Persistent means stubborn which won't move.  Sparing means spending economically.  

6. He has got a meretricious style which does not produce a lasting effect.
A. Capricious
B. Whimsical
C. Flamboyant
D. Pretentious
E. Showily attractive

Answer: E
Meretricious means showy but has no real value.   Whimsical means something lasts for short time like fashion.  Flamboyant means having attraction due to their charm.  Pretentious means trying to attract others. 

7. His style is quite transparent.
A. verbose
B. involved
C. lucid
D. witty
Answer: C
Transparent means clear. So lucid is the synonym.  Verbose means using more words than necessary.
Witty remarks are using words in such a way that creates humor. 

8. Only those who are gullible take every advertisement seriously.
A. fallible
B. enthusiastic
C. unsuspecting
D. unrealistic
Answer: C
Gullible people are who easily believes everything. So unsuspecting is the right synonym.  Fallible means capable of making mistakes. 

9. We didn't believe in his statement, but subsequent events proved that he was right.
A. later
B. many
C. few
D. earlier
Answer: A

10. The angry villagers have lynched two suspected child-lifters already.
A. beaten up
B. captured
C. killed
D. mutilated
Answer: C
Lynch means killing without legal trial.  Mutilated means causing injury.