Essay writing for Tech Mahindra, SBI PO, IBM and IIM-WAT

“A good speech should be like a woman's skirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest" ― Winston S. Churchill

The same is applicable to writing an interesting essay.  In this article we will discuss some important tips and frameworks which help you to create a winning essay.

An essay gives an idea about the author's personality. It helps to guage an individual's ability to express, the writers attitude, aptitude and vision. In fact, the purpose of an essay is to evaluate the following aspects of one's personality:

a. Written ability: In today's world, ability to communicate our ideas properly attained paramount importance.   Most of the written communication happens through emails.  So a well written essay exhibits good written communication skills of the candidate.

b. Knowledge:  One can write a convincing essay if one is knowledgeable about the subject matter.   Facts, historical data, supporting arguments, examples gives weight to your essay and appear convincing.   So this is an important parameter as it measures the awareness levels of the writer.

c.  Logical structure:  This parameter displays the writer's logical thinking and ability to prioritize. If ideas are presented randomly and without proper structure, they may not appear convincing.  So It is important group different sets of ideas and arrange them in a manner that shows logical progression and proper ordering.

Organizing ideas:
Once the topic will be given, you should quickly collect all the relevant information pertains to the topic and arrange them in sequential order.  Due to time constraint, we may miss some important points or unable to put them in order. So the following techniques help you collect all the relevant information related to the topic.

A. Mind map:  This helps you to think divergently on the various issues and challenges with respect to the given topic.  Write the topic in the center circle.  Fill these circles with points, facts, information which support the respective point
Mind map for essay writing
Sample: Advertising is a waste of money.  By using the following mind map, we can generate ideas about uses of advertising in creating brand, informing customers about new changes in products, and we also help them how to use new products (recall how ACT II pop-corn ads are designed so that they teach you how to use the product), also employment generating by advertising industry etc.
mind map - advertising is a waste of money

B. "SPELT Hi" technique: 
"SPELT Hi" an acronym for Social, Political, Economic, Legal, Technological, Historical, International point of view of a topic.
For example, Job reservations in India 
(Read this article to generate more ideas)
Social: Social inequalities in rural and urban India like untouchability, not allowing them into temples etc.  Backwardness of certain social sects in india.
Political: Reservations are provided to cash on Caste based vote-bank politics. For example, some people argue that Women Reservation Bill or Reservations of muslim minorities are to cash in vote bank.
Economic: Reservations in Andhra Pradesh for Economically backward people.  Also no reservation for Non Creamy layer in higher education institutes at central level
Legal: Right to equality is provided by Indian Constitution however, 'positive discrimination' allowed
Technological: Is Reservation in IITs/IIMs killing merit
Historical: Origins of of Caste System in India.  Was there any timeline set by constitution?
International: Is Reservation making India less competitive in world?  Similar policy of affirmative action in USA too.
Religion: Reservations for Minorities?

Structure of Essay:
In the first paragraph, introduce the topic and define scope and importance of the topic.
In the next three paragraphs, give your arguments along with supporting details and examples.  Conclude your argument in the end of the paragraph.
In the last paragraph, conclude the essay based on the above arguments. The following diagram gives you a clear idea about structuring the essay.
structuring the essay