TSD Home Work

1. My milk man delivers me milk daily at certain time. One day, I started 30 minutes before from my home on my motor cycle and met the milk man on the way who was coming on his cycle. I collected the milk and reached home in 10 minutes. What is the ratio of the speeds of motor cycle and bicycle?
a. 4:1
b. 5:1
c. 3:1
d. 3:2

2. 'Che' works for Bata Consultancy Services (BCS). One day, his wife intended to surprise him, started at a time so that she would be exactly at her husband's office leaving time. But he completed his work 45 min earlier than expected, and started walking towards his house. On the way he met his wife and both reached home 20 minutus earlier than usual time. How much time he walked?
a. 65 min
b. 35 min
c. 25 min
d. None of these

3. A swimmer jumps from a bridge over a canal and swims 1km upstream. After that 1st kilometer he passes a floating cork. He continues swimming for 15 minutes and then returns back to the bridge. The swimmer and the cork arrive at the bridge at the same time. If the swimmer swims with constant speed, what is the speed of the stream?
a. 1kmph
b. 2kmph
c. 3kmph
d. Data insufficient

4. Every day a cyclist meets a train at a particular crossing. The road is straight before the crossing and both are travelling in the same direction. The cyclist travels at a speed of 10kmph. One day the cyclist comes late by 25 minutes and meets the train 5km before the crossing. What is the speed of the train in km/hr?
a. 45
b. 60
c. 80
d. Data insufficient

5. A bird sitting on a wall, sports an approaching train, which is 720 km away, and moving at 15 m/s. The bird starts flying towards the train, and as soon as it reaches the train, it flies back towards the wall. It continues to do this to and fro motion till the train crashes to the wall. If the bird can fly at a speed of 120 kmph, find the total distance covered by the bird while it was flying towards the wall.
a. 1160 km
b. 800 km
c. 440 km
d. 100 km

6. Having travelled a distance of 40 km, a train slows down and proceeds at 3/4 of its former rate and late by 1 hour. Had it slowed down 32 km further on, it would have arrived at its destination 52 minutes late. What was its original speed?
a. 40 kmph
b. 45 kmph
c. 80 kmph
d. Insufficient data

7. Find the total distance (Use data from previous question)
a. 200 km
b. 240 km
c. 280 km
d. 320 km

8. A, B and C wants to reach Q from P which is 84 km away from P. A and C both can walk at speeds of 5 kmph, But C can ride on his byke at 20 kmph. Initially all of them start at P where A started walking towards Q and B picks C on his byke and moves towards Q. B drops C at certain distance and C started walking towards Q. B comes back and picks A and moves towards Q. All of them reaches Q at the same time. What is the distance travelled by C?
a. 100 km
b. 124 km
c. 156 km
d. 164 km

9. A thief escaped from police custody. Since he was a sprinter, he could run at a speed of 40 km/hr. The police realized it after 3 hr and started chasing him in the same direction at 50 km/hr. The police had a dog which could run at 60 km/hr. The dog would run to the thief and then return to the police and then would turn back towards the thief. It kept on doing so till the police caught the thief. Find the total distance travelled by the dog in the direction of the thief.
a. 720 km
b. 600 km
c. 660 km
d. 360 km

10. On return from a business trip Mr. Chidambaram was to be picked up from the railway station by his driver. Somehow he managed a train connection earlier and thus arrived two hours too early. Immediately on arrived he rang up home for the driver and was told that it had just left in order to be exactly in time for the train by which he was scheduled to come. To save the time he started walking homeward at 3kmph. On the way he met the driver who brought him home an hour before schedule. How far is the Mr. Chidambaram’s house from the railway station?
a. 12 Km
b. 15 Km
c. 18 Km
d. 23 Km

11. After travelling 3/8th distance of a pipe, A mouse observed that a cat is approaching from the shorter end. It calculated that what ever way it runs it just escapes the cat just in time. Find the ratio of the speeds of cat and mouse.
a. 3 : 1
b. 4 : 1
c. 5 : 1
d. 5 : 3

12. A car is traveling at a uniform speed. The driver sees a milestone showing a 2-digit number. After traveling for an hour the driver sees another milestone with the same digits in reverse order. After another hour the driver sees another milestone containingthe same two digits with a zero in between ‘0’. What is the average speed of the driver.
a. 36 kmph
b. 42 kmph
c. 64 kmph
d. 45 kmph