1.  Is this site enough to crack TCS or xyz exam?
Ans.  No.  These questions will give you a general idea of past questions and patterns given by TCS (or any company).  You might get some questions as it is or same model questions with different numbers.  Or you might not get any question at all. First you try to learn aptitude seriously in this site and follow the previous questions.  But mugging up the answers may not help at all.

2.  Is preparation or luck important to clear written test?
Ans. Success in aptitude = a × (Preparation) + b × (Luck) + c.
In the above equation the only variable in your control is "a".  If your preparation is good, what ever be the remaining variables b and c, you can easily clear the written test. There are some lucky fellows whose "b" is high enough so that they get more questions from the previous papers.  But not all of us are lucky.  So if your preparation is good, you can clear at least some aptitude tests if not TCS.  But If you depend on luck, nothing is in your control.

3.  How many questions do I get from this site? 
Ans.  Only an astrologer better answer this question.  I am just an academician and write good solutions for tough previous questions so that you can easily understand the question patterns.  IT companies continuously changes their data bases.  When they change is not known to anyone.

4.  How can I crack TCS or xyz written test?
Ans. Start with basic aptitude.  Learn all the concepts in Aptitude, Reasoning.  Practice all the MCQ's. Then only start practicing previous questions.  In addition to this, Buy some standard book to practice more.   If you find it difficult, join any coaching classes.  Don't try to save money. It may cost you a job.

5.  I have only 10 days or less to prepare.  Is this site enough?
Ans.  A professionally run company looks for people who are prepared and that is why aptitude test is conducted to check their preparedness.  Work hard.  If you fail, don't loose hope but start preparing aptitude seriously for next company.

6.  How important are previous questions?
Ans.  Very important.  Without previous questions we are direction less.  They give you a very good idea what type of models come repeatedly.

7.  I am very weak in aptitude.  What can I do?
Ans.  When you are aiming to get into IT industry, clearing aptitude is very important.  Start learning aptitude from Campusgate.  If you find it tough, then go for any regular coaching classes.