Adj - 1 (1-50)

Abashed (adj):   uh-basht
If you are abashed, you feel embarrassed and ashamed
He looked abashed, uncomfortable

Aberrant (adj):  uh-ber-uhnt, ab-er-
Aberrant means unusual and not socially acceptable = abnormal
Remesh’s rages and aberrant behaviour worsened after he saw the result

Abject (adj):  ab-jekt, ab-jekt   
You use abject to emphasize that a situation or quality is extremely bad = very
The poor man died in abject poverty

Ablaze (adj):  uh-bleyz
Something that is ablaze is burning very fiercely = on fire
The hotel was completely ablaze by the time firefighters arrived

Abominable (adj):  uh-bom-uh-nuh-buhl (5)
Something that is abominable is very unpleasant or bad
The President described the killings as an abominable crime

Aboriginal (adj): ab-uh-rij-uh-nl
An Aboriginal is an Australian Aborigine = Aborigine
He remained fascinated by the Aboriginals' tales

Abortive (adj):  uh-bawr-tiv
An abortive attempt or action is unsuccessful = unsuccessful, fruitless
The military led an abortive attempt to  prevent the current President from taking office

Abstemious (adj):  ab-stee-mee-uhs
Someone who is abstemious avoids doing too much of something enjoyable such as eating or drinking = moderate
He was a hard-working man with abstemious habits

Abstruse (adj):  ab-stroos
You can describe something as abstruse if you find it difficult to understand, especially when you think it could be explained more simply = abstract, esoteric, complicated
Try to use simple language, do not sound too abstruse

Abundant (adj):  uh-buhn-duhnt (10)
 Something that is abundant is present in large quantities = plentiful
The Island has has an abundant supply of fruit

Abysmal (adj):  uh-biz-muhl
If you describe a situation or the condition of something as abysmal, you think that it is very bad or poor in quality = dismal, bottomless
The heat was abysmal, and so, according to them, was their set

Accountable (adj): uh-koun-tuh-buhl
If you are accountable to someone for something that you do, you are responsible for it and must be prepared to justify your actions to that person = responsible
In my job I am held accontable for the maintenance of the machinery

Accustomed (adj):  uh-kuhs-tuhmd
If you are accustomed to something, you know it so well or have experienced it so often that it seems natural, unsurprising, or easy to deal with = acquainted, adapted
Lara was accustomed to the hectic schedule of a Miss Universe

Acephalous (adj):  ey-sef-uh-luhs

Acerbic (adj):  uh-sur-bik (15)
Acerbic humour is critical and direct = bitter
He was acclaimed for his acerbic wit and repartee

Acetic (adj):  uh-see-tik
Acetic acid is a colourless acid It is the main substance in vinegar = vinegary

Acidulous (adj):  uh-sij-uh-luhs
Sharp-tasting, sour

Acquiescent (adj):  ak-wee-es-uhnt
Someone who is acquiescent is ready to agree to do what someone wants, or to accept what they do = accepting passively
I will not have her think me acquiescent in her schemes

Acquisitive (adj):  uh-kwiz-i-tiv
If you describe a person or an organization as acquisitive, you do not approve of them because you think they are too concerned with getting new possessions = avaricious, desirious, demanding
His acquisitive nature made him unpopular in the office

Acrid  (adj):  ak-rid (20)
An acrid smell or taste is strong and sharp, and usually unpleasant= pungent, sharp
The room filled with the acrid smell of tobacco

Acrimonious (adj):  ak-ruh-moh-nee-uhs
Acrimonious words or quarrels are bitter and angry = bitter
His parents went through an acrimonious divorce

Actuarial (adj):  ak-choo-er-ee
Actuarial means relating to the work of insurance statistics
The company’s actuarial report must be made available on demand

Acute (adj):  uh-kyoot
1 You can use acute to indicate that an undesirable situation or feeling is very severe or intense = severe
The labour shortage is becoming acute
2 An acute illness is one that becomes severe very quickly but does not last very long
She has suffered from an acute attack of asthma

Aadamant  (adj):  ad-uh-muhnt
If someone is adamant about something, they are determined not to change their mind about it = stubborn
She begged me to change my mind, but I remained adamant

Addle (adj):  ad-l (25)
If something addles someone's mind or brain, they become confused and unable to think properly = befuddle, rotten: muddled; crazy
I suppose the shock had addled his poor old brain

Adept (adj):  uh-dept
Someone who is adept at something can do it skilfully = expert at
Many are highly adept at adding up their calorie intake

Adequate (adj):  ad-i-kwit
If something is adequate, there is enough of it or it is good enough to be used or accepted = enough
The old methods weren’t adequate to meet current needs

Adipose (adj):  ad-uh-pohs

Adrift (adj):  uh-drift
If a boat is adrift, it is floating on the water and is not tied to anything or controlled by anyone
They were spotted after three hours adrift in a dinghy

Adroit (adj):  uh-droit (30)
Someone who is adroit is quick and skilful in their thoughts, behaviour, or actions = adept, skillful
She is a remarkably adroit and determined politician

Adventitious (adj):  ad-vuhn-tish-uhs
Happening by chance = unexpected
The adventitious meeting turned out  to be useful

Adverse (adj):  ad-vurs
Adverse decisions, conditions, or effects are unfavourable to you = unfavourable
Despite the adverse conditions, the road was finished in just eight months

Adulterated (adj):  uh-duhl-tuh-reyt
If something such as food or drink is adulterated, someone has made its quality worse by adding water or cheaper products to it
The food had been adulterated to increase its weight

Aesthetic (adj):  es-thet-ik  or, especially Brit, ees-
Aesthetic is used to talk about beauty or art, and people’s appreciation of beautiful things= artistic
Their furniture was more aesthetic than functional

Affable (adj):  af-uh-buhl (35)
Someone who is affable is pleasant and friendly = approachable
Mr Rao is an extremely affable and approachable man

Affected (adj):  uh-fek-tid
If you describe someone’s behaviour as affected, you disapprove of the fact that they behave in an unnatural way that is intended to impress other people = artificial, pretended
He listened to them, with an affected mused interest

Afferent (adj):  af-er-uhnt
Carrying towards the center

Afloat (adj):  uh-floht
If someone or something is afloat, they remain partly above the surface of water and do not sink
The ship is afloat

Afoot (adj):  uh-foot
If you say that a plan or scheme is afoot, it is already happening or being planned, but you do not know much about it = in progress
Everybody knew that something awful was afoot

Agape (adj):  uh-geyp (40)
If you describe someone as having their mouth agape, their mouth is open very wide, often because they are very surprised by something = openmouthed
She stood looking at Carmen with her mouth agape

Aghast  (adj):  uh-gast
If you are aghast, you are filled with horror and surprise = shocked, horrified, appalled, dismayed
Everyone was aghast at the news

Agrarian (adj):  uh-grair-ee-uhn
Agrarian means relating to the ownership and use of land, especially farmland, or relating to the part of a society or economy that is concerned with agriculture
Punjab is a rich are with a highly developed agrarian economy

Ailing (adj):  ey-ling
An ailing organization or society is in difficulty and is becoming weaker
The rise in overseas sales is good news for the ailing American economy

Akin (adj):  uh-kin
If one thing is akin to another, it is similar to it in some way = equal to
Listening to his life story is akin to reading a good adventure novel

Albeit (adj):  awl-bee-it (45)
You use albeit to introduce a fact or comment which reduces the force or significance of what you have just said  = although
Charles's letter was indeed published, albeit in a somewhat abbreviated form

Alimentary (adj):  al-uh-men-tuh-ree
Alimentary is a word concerns with the function of nutrition= nourishing
The alimentary canal in our body is the part where digestion takes place

Alight (adj): uh-lahyt
If something is alight, it is burning = ablaze
Several buildings were set alight
Alluvial (adj):  uh-loo-vee-uhl
Alluvial soils are soils which consist of earth and sand left behind on land which has been flooded or where a river once flowed 
Alluvial deposits are the richest agricultural belts throughout the world

Aloof (adj):  uh-loof
Someone who is aloof is not very friendly and does not like to spend time with other people  = distant, apart; reserved
She has always kept herself aloof from the boys in her class

Altruistic  (adj):  al-troo-is-tik (50)
If your behaviour or motives are altruistic, you show concern for the happiness and welfare of other people rather than for yourself = charitable
Were his motives entirely altruistic?