Verbs - 25(601-631)

Traduce (v):  truh-doos, -dyoos
If someone has been traduced, unpleasant and untrue things have deliberately been said about them = slander
We have been traduced in the press as “Opportunists”

Transcend (v):  tran-send
Something that transcends normal limits or boundaries goes beyond them, because it is more significant than them = exceed, surpass
The desire for peace transcended political differences

Transcribe (v):  tran-skrahyb
If you transcribe a speech or text, you write it out in a different form from the one in which it exists, for example by writing it out in full from notes or from a tape recording
He had been asked to transcribe an ancient manuscript

Transmute  (v):  trans-myoot, tranz-
If something transmutes or is transmuted into a different form, it is changed into that form = change
In The Terminator movie, it was shown that a man transmuted into Iron man

Transpire (v):  tran-spahyuhr (605)
When it transpires that something is the case, people discover that it is the case = to happen
It now transpires that he kept all the money for himself

Traverse (v):  trav-ers
If someone or something traverses an area of land or water, they go across it = cross
I traversed the narrow bridge 

Trek (v):  trek
If you trek somewhere, you go on a journey across difficult country, usually on foot = travel,  migrate
On the weekends we go for trekking to the nearest hilly area

Truckle (v):  truhk-uhl
curry favor; act in an obsequious way = servile, fawn
Don't truckle to unreasonable demands

Truncate (v):  truhng-keyt
to make something shorter
If the list is too long, it will be truncated by the computer

Undulate (v):  uhn-juh-leyt (610)
Something that undulates has gentle curves or slopes, or moves gently and slowly up and down or from side to side in an attractive manner = shake
His body slowly undulated in time to the music

Unearth (v):  uhn-urth
If someone unearths facts or evidence about something bad, they discover them with difficulty, usually because they were being kept secret or were being lied about= dig up,  uncover
Fresh evidence has been unearthed suggesting that he did not, in fact, commit suicide

Upbraid (v):  uhp-breyd
If you upbraid someone, you tell them that they have done something wrong and criticize them for doing it = scold, reproach
He is constrantly upbraided by everyone for getting late everywhere

Validate (v):  val-i-deyt
To validate something such as a claim or statement means to prove or confirm that it is true or correct =  substantiate, confirm, ratify
This discovery seems to validate the claims of popular astrology

Veer (v):  veer
If something veers in a certain direction, it suddenly moves in that direction = swerve
The plane veered off the runway and careered through the perimeter fence

Vegetate (v):  vej-i-teyt (615)
If someone vegetates, they spend their time doing boring or worthless things
He spends all his free time at home vegetating in front of the TV

Venerate  (v):  ven-uh-reyt
If you venerate someone or something, you value them or feel great respect for them = respect, revere
He venerates his teachers a lot

Vent (v):  vent
A vent is a hole in something through which air can come in and smoke, gas, or smells can go out = duct
There was a small air vent in the ceiling

Vex (v):  veks
If someone or something vexes you, they make you feel annoyed, puzzled, and frustrated = annoy
The memory of their conversation still vexed him

Vie (v):  vahy
If one person or thing is vying with another for something, the people or things are competing for it  = contend, compete
All the photographers vied to get the best pictures

Vilify (v):  vil-uh-fahy (620)
If you are vilified by someone, they say or write very unpleasant things about you, so that people will have a low opinion of you = slander
Johnson was vilified in the press for refusing to resign

Vitiate (v):  vish-ee-eyt
If something is vitiated, its effectiveness is spoiled or weakened = spoil
But this does not vitiate his scholarship

Vindicate (v):  vin-di-keyt
If a person or their decisions, actions, or ideas are vindicated, they are proved to be correct, after people have said that they were wrong = support, defend
I have every confidence that this decision will be fully vindicated

Vouchsafe (v):  vouch-seyf
If you are vouchsafed something or it is vouchsafed to you, you are given or granted it = promise, commit
Vouchsafe me a visit Mr Johnson vouchsafed to attend our party

Waive (v):  weyv
If you waive your right to something, for example legal representation, you choose not to have it or do it = forgo
I will waive my rights in this matter in order to expedite our reaching a proper decision

Wallow (v):  wol-oh (625)
If you say that someone is wallowing in an unpleasant situation, you are criticizing them for being deliberately unhappy = feel
George still seems determined to wallow in self-pity

Wane (v):  weyn
If something wanes, it becomes gradually weaker or less, often so that it eventually disappears = grow weak
Her enthusiasm for the whole idea was waning rapidly

Wheedle (v):  hweed-l
If you say that someone wheedles, you mean that they try to persuade someone to do or give them what they want, for example by saying nice things that they do not mean = convince
She wheedled me into lending her my new coat

Whet (v):  hwet, wet
If someone or something whets your appetite for a particular thing, they increase your desire to have it or know = increase
A really good catalogue can whet customer’s appetite for merchendise

Winnow (v):  win-oh
If you winnow a group of things or people, you reduce its size by separating the ones that are useful or relevant from the ones that are not = shortlist
The administration officials have winnowed the list of candidates to three

Wreak (v):  reek (630)
Something or someone that wreaks havoc or destruction causes a great amount of disorder or damage = cause
Their policies would wreak havoc on the economy

Wrest  (v):  rest
If you wrest something from someone else, you take it from them, especially when this is difficult or illegal = pull or grab
With only ten seconds left to play, our team wrested victory from their grasp