Adj - 12(551-600)

Impalpable (adj):  im-pal-puh-buhl
impossible to touch or feel physically = intabgible
There was an almost impalpable tremor in her legs as she walked onto the stage to collect her award

Impalpable (adj):  im-pal-puh-buhl
imperceptible; intangible
When I awoke, a few impalpable images and sensatins were all I could remember of the dream

Impassive  (adj):  im-pas-iv
If someone is impassive or their face is impassive, they are not showing any emotion = stoical, without feeling
They were staring at the corpse, their faces impassive

Impeccable (adj):  im-pek-uh-buhl
If you describe something such as someone’s behaviour or appearance as impeccable, you are emphasizing that it is perfect and has no faults = faultless
Her impeccable manners made her everyone’s favourite

Impecunious (adj):  im-pi-kyoo-nee-uhs (555)
Someone who is impecunious has very little money = poor
The impecnious man gladly accepted the offer of being a water at the motel

Impending (adj):  im-pen-ding
An impending event is one that is going to happen very soon = nearing, approaching
On the morning of the expedition I awoke with a feeling of impending disaster

Impenitent (adj):  im-pen-i-tuhnt
If someone is impenitent, they don’t feel sorry or ashamed = unrepentant
Your impenitent attitude will surely lead you to hell

Imperious (adj):  im-peer-ee-uhs
If you describe someone as imperious, you mean that they have a proud manner and expect to be obeyed = haughty
Her attitude is imperious at times

Impermeable (adj):  im-pur-mee-uh-buhl
Something that is impermeable will not allow fluid to pass through it = impervious
The canoe is made from an impermeable wood

Impertinent (adj):  im-pur-tn-uhnt (560)
If someone talks or behaves in a rather impolite and disrespectful way, you can say that they are being impertinent = rude
No teacher can tolerate impetinent behaviour

Imperturbable (adj):  im-per-tur-buh-buhl
If you describe someone as imperturbable, you mean that they remain calm, even in disturbing or dangerous situations = calm, placid
Thomas, of course, was cool and aloof and imperturbable

Impervious  (adj) im-pur-vee-uhs
If you are impervious to someone’s actions, you are not affected or influenced by them = unaffected
The leader remained impervious to the criticism in press

Impetuous (adj):  im-pech-oo-uhs
If you describe someone as impetuous, you mean that they are likely to act quickly and suddenly without thinking or being careful = rash
These youngsters and high-spirited but impetuous

Impious (adj):  im-pee-uhs
If you describe someone as impious, you mean that they show a lack of respect for religious things = irreverent
In that case it would be impious to consult the Oracle

Implacable (adj):  im-plak-uh-buhl, -pley-kuh- (565)
If you say that someone is implacable, you mean that they have very strong feelings of hostility or disapproval which nobody can change
We tried very hard to make him convinced, but he remained implacable

Implicit (adj):  im-plis-it
Something that is implicit is expressed in an indirect way = imply
It can be implicit from his action that he is not interested

Impolitic (adj):  im-pol-i-tik
If you say that someone is impolite, you mean that they are rather rude and do not have good manners = rude
I think it is impolitic to raise this issue at the present time because the public is too angry

Imponderable (adj):  im-pon-der-uh-buhl
An imponderable is something unknown which it is difficult or impossible to estimate or make correct guesses about = weightless
They are speculating on the imponderables of the future

Importunate (adj):  im-pawr-chuh-nit
If you describe someone as importunate, you think they are annoying because they keep trying to get something from you = troublesome, urging, demanding
His secretary shielded him from importunate visitors

Impotent (adj):  im-puh-tuhnt (570)
If someone feels impotent, they feel that they have no power to influence people or events = ineffective, powerless
Sometimes you feel so impotent before the power of nature

Impotent (adj):  im-puh-tuhnt
If someone feels impotent, they feel that they have no power to influence people or events = powerless, weak,  ineffective
The aggression of a bully leaves people feeling hurt, angry and impotent

Impregnable (adj):  im-preg-nuh-buhl
If you describe a building or other place as impregnable, you mean that it cannot be broken into or captured = impenetrable, invulnerable
Even seemingly impregnable ventures can be handled with grit and determination

Impromptu (adj):  im-promp-too, -tyoo
An impromptu action is one that you do without planning or organizing it in advance = adhoc, off the cuff
The children put on an impromptu dance program for the guests

Improvident (adj):  im-prov-i-duhnt
too careless to save any money or to plan for the future = extravagant, wasteful
His improvident actions have left his son heavily in debt after his death

Imprudent (adj):  im-prood-nt (575)
If you describe someone’s behaviour as imprudent, you think it is not sensible or carefully thought out = lacking caution, injudicious
The report criticised the banks for being imprudent in their lending

Inalienable (adj):  in-eyl-yuh-nuh-buhl
If you say that someone has an inalienable right to something, you are emphasizing that they have a right to it which cannot be changed or taken away = not to be taken away, nontransferable
He said the republic now had an inalienable right to self-determination

Inane (adj):  ih-neyn
If you describe someone’s behaviour or actions as inane, you think they are very silly or stupid = very silly
There are many inane family serials on telivision these days

Inanimate (adj):  in-an-uh-mit
An inanimate object is one that has no life = lifeless, animate
He thought of the baby almost as an inanimate object

Inarticulate (adj):  in-ahr-tik-yuh-lit
If someone is inarticulate, they are unable to express themselves easily or well in speech = speechless
Many village students are inarticulate

Incandescent (adj):  in-kuhn-des-uhnt (580)
Incandescent substances or devices give out a lot of light when heated  = glowing
These days, incaddscent light bulbs are being replaced by CFL’s to cut power bills

Incarnate (adj):  adj in-kahr-nit, -neyt; v in-kahr-neyt
If you say that someone is a quality incarnate, you mean that they represent that quality or are typical of it in an extreme form = personified
The media cast him as devil incarnate

Incessant (adj):  in-ses-uhnt
An incessant process or activity is one that continues without stopping = unstoppable, continuous
The incessant rain is delaying our work

Inchoate (adj):  in-koh-it
If something is inchoate, it is recent or new, and vague or not yet properly developed = rudimentary
His dreams were inchoate and it was not possible for the psychologist to interpret them

Incipient (adj):  in-sip-ee-uhnt
An incipient situation or quality is one that is starting to happen or develop = nascent, beginning
Cancer is curable if it is treated at the incipient stage

Incisive (adj):  in-sahy-siv (585)
You use incisive to describe a person, their thoughts, or their speech when you approve of their ability to think and express their ideas clearly, briefly, and forcefully = sharp,  cutting
His questions were well-formulated and incisive

Inclement (adj): in-klem-uhnt
Inclement weather is unpleasantly cold or stormy = severe, stormy
This inclement weather was worrying the captain of the ship

Inclusive (adj):  in-kloo-siv
If a price is inclusive, it includes all the charges connected with the goods or services offered If a price is inclusive of postage and packing, it includes the charge for this
Children aged 9 to 16 inclusive are welcome to enrol on the course

Incognito (adj):   in-kog-nee-toh
Someone who is incognito is using a false name or wearing a disguise, in order not to be recognized or identified
Spies often travel incognito

Incoherent (adj):  in-koh-heer-uhn
If someone is incoherent, they are talking in a confused and unclear way = illogical, muddled
The man was almost incoherent with fear

Incommodious (adj):  in-kuh-moh-dee-uhs (590)
An incommodious place is not spacious and causes inconvenience = not spacious
The room is incommodious, there’s hardly any space for a second person

Incompatible (adj):  in-kuhm-pat-uh-buhl
If one thing or person is incompatible with another, they are very different in important ways, and do not suit each other or agree with each other = inharmonious
I don’t know why they ever got marrid  They are totally incompatible

Incongruous (adj):  in-kong-groo-uhs
Someone or something that is incongruous seems strange when considered together with other aspects of a situation = not fitting, absurd
She was small and fragile and looked incongruous in an army uniform

Incontinent (adj):  in-kon-tn-uhnt
Someone who is incontinent is unable to prevent urine or faeces coming out of their body = lacking self-restraint, licentious
His diseased bladder left him incontinent

Incontrovertible (adj):  in-kon-truh-vur-tuh-buhl
Incontrovertible evidence or facts are absolutely certain and cannot be shown to be wrong = indisputable
We have incontrovertible evidence of what took place

Inconsequential (adj): in-kon-si-kwen-shuhl, in-kon- (595)
Something that is inconsequential is not important = trival, insignificant
Most of his talk is inconsequential but amusing

Incorporeal (adj):  in-kawr-pawr-ee-uhl, -pohr-
not existing in any physical form = insubstantial
It is commonly believed that upon death, the incorporeal soul leaves the corporeal body

Incorrigible (adj):  in-kawr-i-juh-buhl, -kor-
If you tell someone they are incorrigible, you are saying, often in a humorous way, that they have faults which will never change = beyond correction
Gamblers are incorrigible optimists

Incredulous (adj):  in-krej-uh-luhs
If someone is incredulous, they are unable to believe something because it is very surprising or shocking = disbelieving
He was incredulous on the news of his defeat in the election

Incumbent (adj):  in-kuhm-buhnt
An incumbent is someone who holds an official post at a particular time
He is the present incumbent for this post, but will soon hand over his charge to someone younger

Indefatigable (adj):  in-di-fat-i-guh-buhl (600)
You use indefatigable to describe someone who never gets tired of doing something = energetic
His was regarded as an indefatigable campaigner for human rights