Adj- 24(1151-1200)

Suppositious (adj):  suh-poz-i-tish-uhs
assumed; counterfeit; hypothetical
The judge, in his judgement, pointed out that most of the evidence was purely suppositious

Surly (adj):  sur-lee
Someone who is surly behaves in a rude bad-tempered way = rude, cross
He became surly and rude towards me

Surreptitious (adj):  sur-uhp-tish-uhs
A surreptitious action is done secretly = furtive
He made a surreptitious entrance to the club through the little door in  the brick wall

Sycophantic (adj):  sik-uh-fuhnt
If you describe someone as sycophantic, you disapprove of them because they flatter people who are more important and powerful than they are in order to gain an advantage for themselves = servilely flattering
His clique of sycophantic friends is always a trouble for me

Sylvan (adj):  sil-vuhn (1155)
Sylvan is used to describe things that have an association with woods and trees
City - dwellers around the world are attracted by the sylvan charm of countryside

Synchronous (adj):  sing-kruh-nuhs
similarly timed; simultaneous with
The software supports most synchronous communications cards

Synthetic (adj):  sin-thet-i
Synthetic products are made from chemicals or artificial substances rather than from natural ones = man-made, artificial
The jacket is made of synthetic materials

Tacit (adj):  tas-it
If you refer to someone’s tacit agreement or approval, you mean they are agreeing to something or approving it without actually saying so, often because they are unwilling to admit to doing so = implied, understood
Your silence on the marriage proposal may be taken to mean tacit agreement

Taciturn (adj):  tas-i-turn
A taciturn person does not say very much and can seem unfriendly = shy, talking less
He used to be a reserved taciturn boy in his childhood

Tactile (adj):  tak-til, -tahyl (1160)
If you describe someone as tactile, you mean that they tend to touch other people a lot when talking to them= caress
Babies who sleep with their parents receive much more tactile stimulating than babies who sleep in a cot

Tainted (adj):  teynt
If a person or thing is tainted by something bad or undesirable, their status or reputation is harmed because they are associated with it = contaminated, corrupt
The human disease occurred after people ate tainted beef products

Tangible (adj):  tan-juh-buhl
If something is tangible, it is clear enough or definite enough to be easily seen, felt, or noticed = perceptable
We cannot accept his findings without tangible evidence

Tantamount (adj):  tan-tuh-mount
you say that one thing is tantamount to a second, more serious thing, you are emphasizing how bad, unacceptable, or unfortunate the first thing is by comparing it to the second = equal
His resignation was a tantamount to an admission of guilt

Taut (adj):  tawt
Something that is taut is stretched very tight = tight; ready
He tightened the strings of the guitar until they were taut

Tautological (adj):  taw-tol-uh-jee (1165)
A tautological statement is needless and often repetitious = repetitious, wordy
I don’t wish to enter a tautological debate with you on this topic

Tawdry  (adj):  taw-dree
If you describe something such as clothes or decorations as tawdry, you mean that they are cheap and show a lack of taste=  cheap
He bought a few tawdry clothes in Lucknow

Taxing (adj):  tak-sing
A taxing task or problem is one that requires a lot of mental or physical effort =  demanding
The job turned out to be more taxing than I’d expected

Temporal (adj):  tem-per-uhl
Temporal powers or matters relate to ordinary institutions and activities rather than to religious or spiritual ones = secular
He is more interested in temporal power and wealth than in divinity

Tenacious (adj):  tuh-ney-shuhs
If you are tenacious, you are very determined and do not give up easily  = stubborn, persistent, holding fast
He was very tenacious and work hard to achieve his goals

Tendentious (adj):  ten-den-shuhs
Something that is tendentious expresses a particular opinion or point of view very strongly, especially one that many people disagree with =  controversial
The editorials in this newspapers are tendentious rather than truth-seeking

Tenebrous (adj):  ten-uh-bruhs (1170)
dark; gloomy

Tessellated (adj):  tes-uh-ley-tid
inlaid; mosaic
Normally, the whole of a floor is tessellated

Tensile (adj):  ten-suhl
You use tensile when you are talking about the amount of stress that materials such as wire, rope, and concrete can take without breaking; a technical term in engineering = stretchable
Certain materials can be manufactured with a high tensile strength

Tentative (adj):  ten-tuh-tiv
Tentative agreements, plans, or arrangements are not definite or certain, but have been made as a first step = provisional, firm
The governments is taking tentative steps towards tackling the economic problems

Tenuous (adj):  ten-yoo-uhs
If you describe something such as a connection, a reason, or someone's position as tenuous, you mean that it is very uncertain or weak = thin, rare, slim, strong
I found an excuse to phone her, but it was rather tenuous

Tepid (adj):  tep-id (1175)
Water or another liquid that is tepid is slightly warm
=  lukewarm
The play was greeted with tepid applause

Terse (adj):  turs
A terse statement or comment is brief and unfriendly = pithy, laconic
The President issued a terse statement denying the charges

Terrestrial  (adj):  tuh-res-tree-uhl
Terrestrial means relating to the planet Earth rather than to some other part of the universe
We have been able to explore the terrestrial regions much more thoroughly than the aquatic or celestial regions

Terse (adj):  turs
A terse statement or comment is brief and unfriendly =  pithy, concise
I admire his terse style of writing; he comes directly to the point

Tertiary (adj):  tur-shee-er-ee
Tertiary means third in order, third in importance, or at a third stage of development = third
He must have come to know those philosophers through secondary or tertiary sources

Testy (adj):  tes-tee (1180)
If you describe someone as testy, you mean that they easily become impatient or angry = irritable, short-tempered
Ben's getting a little testy in his old age

Therapeutic (adj):  ther-uh-pyoo-tik
If something is therapeutic, it helps you to relax or to feel better about things, especially about a situation that made you unhappy = curative
I find swimming very therapeutic

Thermal (adj):  thur-muhl
Thermal means relating to or caused by heat or by changes in temperature = pertaining to heat
It's time to get your thermal vest on, never mind skates

Thrifty (adj):  thrif-tee
If you say that someone is thrifty, you are praising them for saving money, not buying unnecessary things, and not wasting things = frugal
He was brought up to be thrifty and never to get into debt

Timorous  (adj):  tim-er-uhs
If you describe someone as timorous, you mean that they are frightened and nervous of other people and situations = timid, fearful
The world-stage is not for timorous, you have to come up and perform

Titanic (adj):  tahy-tan-ik (1185)
If you describe something as titanic, you mean that it is very big or important, and usually that it involves very powerful forces = monumental, gigantic
The world had witnessed a titanic struggle between two visions of the future

Titular (adj):  tich-uh-ler
A titular job or position has a name that makes it seem important, although the person who has it is not really important or powerful = nominal
He is a titular head, and merely signs letter occassionally

Torpid  (adj):  tawr-pid
If you are torpid, you are mentally or physically inactive, especially because you are feeling lazy or sleepy = dormant, dull, lethargic
I felt torpid after heavy lunch

Torturous  (adj):  tawr-cher-uhs
Something that is torturous is extremely painful and causes great suffering = painful
This is a torturous, agonizing way to kill someone

Touchy (adj):  tuhch-ee
If you describe someone as touchy, you mean that they are easily upset, offended, or irritated = sensitive, irascible
She is very touchy about her past

Toxic  (adj):  tok-sik (1190)
A toxic substance is poisonous = poisonous
We must seek an antidote for whatever toxic substance he has eaten

Tractable (adj):  trak-tuh-buhl
If you say that a person, problem, or device is tractable, you mean that they can be easily controlled or dealt with = managable
This approach helps to make the issues more tractable

Transient (adj):  tran-shuhnt
Transient is used to describe a situation that lasts only a short time or is constantly changing = fleeting, quickly passing
The winter we only had a transient cold spell

Transitory  (adj):  tran-si-tawr-ee
If you say that something is transitory, you mean that it lasts only for a short time = fleeting, ephemeral
Most teenage romances are transitory

Translucent (adj):  trans-loo-suhnt
If a material is translucent, some light can pass through it = partly transparent
The building is roofed entirely with translucent corrugated plastic

Transparent (adj):  trans-pair-uhnt (1195)
If an object or substance is transparent, you can see through it = easily detected
The way the system works will be transparent to the user

Traumatic (adj):  truh-mat-ik
A traumatic experience is very shocking and upsetting, and may cause psychological damage
His son's death was the most traumatic event in Stan's life

Tremulous (adj):  trem-yuh-luhs
If someone's voice, smile, or actions are tremulous, they are unsteady because the person is uncertain, afraid, or upset = trembling, wavering
She fidgeted in her chair as she took a deep, tremulous breath

Trenchant (adj):  tren-chuhnt
You can use trenchant to describe something such as a criticism or comment that is very clear, effective, and forceful = cutting, sharp, incisive
His trenchant views on the subject are well known

Trite (adj):  trahyt
If you say that something such as an idea, remark, or story is trite, you mean that it is dull and boring because it has been said or told too many times = dull and boring
The movie is teeming with obvious and trite ideas

Truculent (adj):  truhk-yuh-luhnt (1200)
If you say that someone is truculent, you mean that they are bad-tempered and aggressive = belligerent, aggressive,  savage
He was in a very truculent mood throughout the meeting