Adj - 8(351-400)

Dyspeptic (adj):  dis-pep-tik
gloomy, pessimistic, and irritable
The dyspeptic man was extremely irritable

Earthy  (adj):  ur-the
If you describe someone as earthy, you mean that they are open and direct, and talk about subjects which other people avoid or feel ashamed about = unrefined, coarse
His earthy remarks often embarrassed the women in his audience

Ebullient (adj):ih-buhl-yuhnt, ih-bool-
If you describe someone as ebullient, you mean that they are lively and full of enthusiasm or excitement about something = cheerful
The children were in an ebullient mood on Christmas eve

Eccentric  (adj):  ik-sen-trik, ek-
If you say that someone is eccentric, you mean that they behave in a strange way, and have habits or opinions that are different from those of most people = odd, strange
His eccentric behaviour lost him his job

Ecclesiastic (adj):  ih-klee-zee-as-tik (355)
An ecclesiastic is a priest or clergyman in the Christian Church
The minister donned his ecclesiastic garb and walked to the pulpit

Economical  (adj):  ek-uh-nom-i-kuhl
Something that is economical does not require a lot of money to operate For example a car that only uses a small amount of petrol is economical = saving

Eerie (adj):  eer-ee
If you describe something as eerie, you mean that it seems strange and frightening, and makes you feel nervous = weird
I walked down the eerie dark path

Effectual (adj):  ih-fek-choo-uhl
If an action or plan is effectual, it succeeds in producing the results that were intended = effective, ineffectual
This is the only effectual way to secure our present and future happiness

Effeminate (adj):  ih-fem-uh-nit
If you describe a man or boy as effeminate, you think he behaves, looks, or sounds like a woman or girl
His effeminate qualities made him the butt of several jokes

Effervescent (adj):  ef-er-ves-uhnt (360)
If you describe someone as effervescent, you mean that they are lively, entertaining, enthusiastic, and exciting = bubbling
The effervescent teenager laughed heartily and everyone around in the restaurant smiled amusedly

Effete (adj):  ih-feet
If you describe someone as effete, you are criticizing them for being weak and powerless = weak and useless
The committee was effete when it  came to translating the plans into action

Effulgent (adj):  ih-fuhl-juhnt
Beautiful and Bright

Effusive (adj):  ih-fyoo-siv
If you describe someone as effusive, you mean that they express pleasure, gratitude, or approval in a very enthusiastic way = gushing, pouringforth
He was effusive in his praise for her beauty

Egalitarian (adj):  ih-gal-i-tair-ee-uhn
Egalitarian means supporting or following the idea that all people are equal and should have the same rights and opportunities = impartial
Mahatma Gandhi believed in an egalitarian society

Egregious (adj):  ih-gree-juhs (365)
Egregious means very bad indeed
It was an egregious error by the MP commenting on the public

Electic (adj):  ih-klek-tik
An eclectic collection of objects, ideas, or beliefs is wide-ranging and comes from many different sources = diverse
He has an electic collection of stamps and coins from all over the world

Elegiac (adj):  el-i-jahy-uhk
Something that is elegiac expresses or shows sadness = mournful
He spoke of her in elegiac tones

Elusive (adj):  ih-loo-siv
Something or someone that is elusive is difficult to find, describe, remember, or achieve= evasive
She managed to get an interview with that elusive man

Emaciated (adj):    ih-mey-shee-ey-tid
A person or animal that is emaciated is extremely thin and weak because of illness or lack of food = weak
There were pictures of emaciated families on the cover of the magzine

Embattled (adj):  em-bat-ld (370)
If you describe a person, group, or organization as embattled, you mean that they are having a lot of problems or difficulties
The embattled government had to resign

Embryonic (adj):  em-bree-on-ik
An embryonic process, idea, organization, or organism is one at a very early stage in its development = rudimentary
The project is still in the embryonic stage, but we are confident of its success

Emeritus (adj):ih-mer-i-tuhs
Emeritus is used with a professional title to indicate that the person bearing it has retired but keeps the title as an honour = retired
Professor Rao is a professor emeritus in the ISB

Eminent (adj):  em-uh-nuhnt
An eminent person is well-known and respected, especially because they are good at their profession = high,  lofty
Having won eminence as an actor he now intends to perform a comparable feat in politics

Empirical (adj):  em-pir-i-kuhl
Empirical evidence or study relies on practical experience rather than theories = practical
He placed his confidence entirely on empirical data

Enamoured (adj):  ih-nam-er (375)
If you are enamoured of something, you like or admire it a lot If you are not enamoured of something, you dislike or disapprove of it = in love, smitten
She was enamoured by his wealth and thus made all attempts to attract him

Endemic (adj):  ven-dem-ik
If a disease or illness is endemic in a place, it is frequently found among the people who live there
Malaria is an endemic in hot and moist areas

Engaging (adj):  en-gey-jing
An engaging person or thing is pleasant, interesting, and entertaining = captivating
Keerthi’s engaging company never made us feel bored

Enigmatic (adj):  en-ig-mat-ik
Someone or something that is enigmatic is mysterious and difficult to understand = obscure, puzzling

Enterprising  (adj):  en-ter-prahy-zing
An enterprising person is willing to try out new, unusual ways of doing or achieving something = resourceful
Though his enterprising nature made him popular among the students, it did not impress the teachers

Ephemeral (adj):  ih-fem-er-uhl (380)
If you describe something as ephemeral, you mean that it lasts only for a very short time = short-lived
The ephemeral nature of happiness   is described in religious texts

Episodic (adj):  ep-uh-sod-ik, -zod-
Something that is episodic occurs at irregular and infrequent intervals =  loosely connected
his episodic involvement in teaching did not make him a good teacher

Equable (adj):  ek-wuh-buhl
If you describe someone as equable, you mean that they are calm, cheerful, and fair with other people, even in difficult circumstances = tranquil, steady, uniform
He was a man of the most equable temper

Equitable (adj):  ek-wi-tuh-buhl
Something that is equitable is fair and reasonable in a way that gives equal treatment to everyone = fair, impartial
There’s a great need for a more equitable tax system

Equivocal (adj): ih-kwiv-uh-kuhl
If you are equivocal, you are deliberately vague in what you say, because you want to avoid speaking the truth or making a decision = uncertain, doubtful
The businessman’s equivocal replies made many doubt his loyalty

Erotic (adj):  ih-rot-ik (385)
If you describe something as erotic, you mean that it involves sexual feelings or arouses sexual desire
The erotic scenes in the movie were finally cnesored

Errant (adj):  er-uhnt
Errant is used to describe someone whose actions are considered unacceptable or wrong by other people For example, an errant husband is unfaithful to his wife = wandering 
The errant behavior of the son was the talk of most of the family meets

Erratic (adj):  ih-rat-ik
Something that is erratic does not follow a regular pattern, but happens at unexpected times or moves along in an irregular way = odd, unpredictable
Investors become anxious when the stock market appears erratic

Erudite (adj):  er-yoo-dahyt
If you describe someone as erudite, you mean that they have or show great academic knowledge You can also use erudite to describe something such as a book or a style of writing = learned
Dr Radhakrishnan was renowned in philosophy circles for his erudition

Esoteric (adj):  es-uh-ter-ik
If you describe something as esoteric, you mean it is known, understood, or appreciated by only a small number of people = abstruse
Mathematics is esoteric for many commerce graduates

Estranged (adj):   ih-streynjd (390)
An estranged wife or husband is no longer living with their husband or wife = separated
She’s been estranged from her husband for several years

Ethereal (adj):  ih-theer-ee-uhl
Someone or something that is ethereal has a delicate beauty = light
Visitors were impressed by her ethereal bauty

Ethnic (adj):  eth-nik
Ethnic means connected with or relating to different racial or cultural groups of people
The factory’s work force reflects the perfect ethnic mix of people

Eugenic (adj):  yoo-jen-ik
Eugenics is the study of methods to improve the human race by carefully selecting parents who will produce the strongest children
The maximum work on eugenics has been done in the last en years or so

Evanescent (adj):  ev-uh-nes-uhnt
Something that is evanescent gradually disappears from sight or memory = transient, momentary
The evanscent success was quickly followed by a series of defeats

Evasive (adj):  ih-vey-siv (395)
If you describe someone as evasive, you mean that they deliberately avoid giving clear direct answers to questions = not frank, eluding
The minister was in his usual evasive self, dodging the questions skillfully

Evocative (adj):   ih-vok-uh-tiv, ih-voh-kuh-
If you describe something as evocative, you mean that it is good or interesting because it produces pleasant memories, ideas, emotions, and responses in people = calling forth
The perfume was evocative of spring season

Exacting (adj):  ig-zak-ting
You use exacting to describe something or someone that demands hard work and a great deal of care = demanding
The project was exceptionally exacting so I requested for a day’s time to think it over

Exalted (adj):  ig-zawl-tid
Someone or something that is at an exalted level is at a very high level, especially with regard to rank or importance = celebrating
The University stdents felt exalted when they topped at the sports meet

Execrable (adj):  ek-si-kruh-buhl
If you describe something as execrable, you mean that it is very bad or unpleasant = deplorable, very bad
The execrable smell coming from the nearby toilet made it impossible for us to stay in the room

Exemplary (adj):  ig-zem-pluh-ree (400)
If you describe someone or something as exemplary, you think they are extremely good = serving as a model; outstanding
The organization has an exemplary record of providing dividends to the shareholders