Verbs - 22(526-550)

Relegate (v):  rel-i-geyt
If you relegate someone or something to a less important position, you give them this position = demote
He was relegated to the post of assistant manager from senior manager for his misbehaviour with the office secretary

Relinquish (v):  ri-ling-kwish
If you relinquish something such as power or control, you give it up = leave, let go of
I will relinquish my claims to this property if you promise to retain my employees

Relish (v):  rel-ish
If you relish something, you get a lot of enjoyment from it = savor, enjoy
I relish the challenge of doing jobs that others dont takeup

Remonstrate (v):  ri-mon-streyt
If you remonstrate with someone, you protest to them about something you do not approve of or agree with, and you try to get it changed or stopped = to protest
He remonstrated with the refree about his dismissal

Rend (v):  rend (530)
To rend something means to tear it = split; tear apart
 In his grief, he tried to rend his clothes

Render (v):  ren-der
You can use render with an adjective that describes a particular state to say that someone or something is changed into that state For example, if someone or something makes a thing harmless, you can say that they render it harmless = give
If you render someone help or service, you help them
It contained so many errors as to render it worthless
He rendered aid to the needy and indigent

Renege (v):  ri-nig, -neg, -neeg
If someone reneges on a promise or an agreement, they do not do what they have promised or agreed to do = go back
She reneged on her promise

Renounce (v):  ri-nouns
If you renounce a claim, rank, or title, you officially give it up = give up
He renounced his claim to the French throne

Renovate (v):   ren-uh-veyt
If someone renovates an old building, they repair and improve it and get it back into good condition = renew
The couple spent thousands renovating the house

Replenish (v):  ri-plen-ish (535)
If you replenish something, you make it full or complete again = fill
Three hundred tons of rice are needed to replenish stocks

Reprimand (v):  rep-ruh-mand
If someone is reprimanded, they are spoken to angrily or seriously for doing something wrong, usually by a person in authority = rebuke, criticise, chide, upbraid
He was reprimanded by a teacher for talking in the corridor

Reprove (v):  ree-proov
If you reprove someone, you speak angrily or seriously to them because they have behaved in a wrong or foolish way = censure, rebuke, admonish
Employees were reproved for smoking in the building's restrooms

Repudiate (v):  ri-pyoo-dee-eyt
If you repudiate something or someone, you show that you strongly disagree with them and do not want to be connected with them in any way  = reject
The Prime Minister had repudiated racist remarks made by the Conservative Party

Requite (v):  ri-kwahyt
To give or do something in return for something done or given to you = repay
You can’t force a person to requite your love

Rescind (v):  ri-sind (540)
If a government or a group of people in power rescind a law or agreement, they officially withdraw it and state that it is no longer valid = to revoke, cancel
Trade Union leaders have  demanded the government to rescind the price rise

Resuscitate (v):  ri-suhs-i-teyt
If you resuscitate someone who has stopped breathing, you cause them to start breathing again = revive, rescue
He has submitted a bid to resuscitate the weekly magazine, which closed in April

Retaliate (v):  ri-tal-ee-eyt
If you retaliate when someone harms or annoys you, you do something which harms or annoys them in return
I was sorely tempted to retaliate but controlled in the last minute

Retrieve (v):  ri-treev
If you retrieve something, you get it back from the place where you left it = recover
The rescue workers took four days to retrieve all the bodies from the crash

Reverberate (v):  ri-vur-buh-reyt
When a loud sound reverberates through a place, it echoes through it= echo, resound
The loud bang reverberated through the building

Revile (v):  ri-vahyl (545)
If someone or something is reviled, people hate them intensely or show their hatred of them = abuse
Sriram was reviled by his friends to whom he helped in the past

Ruminate (v):  roo-muh-neyt
If you ruminate on something, you think about it very carefully = consider, ponder
We cannot afford to wait while you ruminate upon these plans

Rummage (v): ruhm-ij
If you rummage through something, you search for something you want by moving things around in a careless or hurried way = ransack,  thoroughly search
I rummaged my almara searching for my pen

Rusticate (v):  ruhs-ti-keyt
To suspend a student from college as punishment
The student was rusticated for damaging college property

Salvage (v):  sal-vij
Salvage is the act of salvaging things from somewhere such as a damaged ship or building= save
The salvage operation went on

Sanction (v):  sangk-shuhn (550)
If someone in authority sanctions an action or practice, they officially approve of it and allow it to be done = approve, ratify
The contractor tried to get official sanction for his new building