Is competition essential right from the childhood

Today we are living in a world where competition is inevitable to everyone irrespective of age and the field they are working in. “survival of the fittest”- is the quote made by Charles Darwin. He mentioned that about the survival of different species of animals and human beings on this earth. But these days this quote became applicable for the intense competition among human beings themselves. For example one can pass the interview only if he proves himself as a better one than others. One can earn profits in his business only when his product performs better than his competitors. These days life became a race where one can win his bread only when he out performs others in that race.

                These days competition in academics became very severe among school kids. Every parent is expecting that their child should get cent percent and should be on the top of the class. There is no reason to blame parents and their expectations because marks in academics became criteria to judge the capabilities of individuals. In order to reach the expectations of parents, the school managements are focusing more on academic knowledge instead of helping the student to achieve overall growth. This ideology reached to an extent that competition exists only in academics and students excelled at this are only brilliant students.    
                This type of attitude is leaving a negative impact on the minds of children. These days we are witnessing several suicide cases in which a student who got failed in examination commits a suicide, an adult who didn’t secure a job commits suicide. Whenever one couldn’t perform to his expectations, they get depressed and sometimes they gradually lose interest in those aspects. The main reason behind this kind of pessimistic attitude of young people is lack of sufficient mental strength. Some people who cannot cope up themselves with the pressures of their parents commit suicides.

There is an urgent need to change this type of attitude and schools need to know there are many areas where competition can be created. “In a healthy body, there rests a healthy mind”—Gautama Buddha. Any human can achieve success in his/her career only when their health is in good condition. Some of the other areas include the following.

Sports and games:

Sports and games are the things which keep the health of children in good condition apart from the nutritious food. With an intention to make students more and more thorough with academic subjects, many schools are replacing games periods with study hours and revision classes. Other than physical fitness, these sports and games teach students about sportive spirit.

Special talents:            

Arts and dances are another area where one can prove their competitiveness. Students who possess lot of creativeness can excel in aspects like drawings, paintings, poetry etc. These will give an opportunity for students who couldn’t come top in academics to prove themselves that they are as brilliant as those academic toppers and further uplift their mental strength.

                Competition is essential, but true benefits of it will be enjoyed only when it is present in all aspects. When all these things are included in student life of children, then competition will regain its original meaning. This further reduces the suicidal tendencies in young minds and gives them sufficient confidence to face the hurdles that are confronted by them in their lives. It is the responsibility of every parent and teacher to infuse sportive spirit into the young minds, to make them mentally strong and they should be taught that winning and losing are part and parcel of life.