Role of media in democracy

Democracy is a form of government in which people can express their opinions freely. People can condemn the things which made them feel inconvenient and they can show solidarity to anyone or anything even though the National Government is against those aspects. Indian democracy is considered as one of the best and finest democracies in the world. Media is actually the one which should act like a mirror to resemble the things that are happening in other parts of the country. It is the duty of the media (news channels) to educate the citizens of the nation by analyzing both the pros and cons of any aspect that are going on in that nation. With the advent of technology the media is classified into two categories.
a. Print media (news papers, magazines etc).
b. Electronic media (news channels, websites etc).
Earlier there used to be very few news papers and there exists only Doordharsan channel to inform any developments that are taking place in the nation to the citizens of India. But these days there came several corporations like Network 18, Star network etc which are running separate channels for news, movies and music. Even though there exist very less number of news channels and news papers earlier, they are known for their professional ethics. Now almost every political party has its own news channel to promote its policies and abuse the schemes of opponent parties. The independent news channels are also not maintaining the ethical standards of journalism. In order to attract more advertisers, to promote their channel and increase its TRP (Television Rating Points), these news channels are exaggerating even the very minute things. Even individual journalists and reporters of many media houses turned as black mailers and started threatening certain individuals by keeping their confidential information or personal matters in their hands. The celebrities pertaining to film industry, businessmen and government officials in crucial positions are mostly targeted by these people by spreading gossips. The media people, who shout at their maximum pitch at Anna Hazare hunger strikes against corruption, will try to procure information from government offices by bribing the clerks or the peons in those offices.

But even today there exist some journalists who treat “work as worship”. Recently a journalist who has been writing against the land mafia in Maharashtra was murdered ruthlessly. There came several journalism schools to produce future journalists and it should be the responsibility of these institutes to fill the disappearing ethical standards in journalism. It is the responsibility of the every individual to support the media which publishes rightful news and maintain standards of journalism. The media houses should not misuse the right to speech given by constitution of India by creating rumours and invalid allegations against anyone.