Vocab Test - 14


1. VERSATILE (A) lonesome (B) backward (C) talkative (D) brave (E) all-around

2. FORTHRIGHT (A) frank (B) joyful (C) imaginary (D) conscious (E) preferred

3. TUSSLE (A) meet (B) struggle (C) confuse (D) murmur (E) practice

4. CLARITY (A) loudness (B) certainty (C) clearness (D) glamour (E) tenderness

5. ASSESSMENT (A) appraisal (B) revision (C) property (D) illness (E) warning

6. CLIQUE (A) social outcast (B) ringing sound (C) headdress (D) exclusive group (E) tangled web

7.NEGATE (A) polish to a bright shine (B) ?nd quickly (C) make ineffective (D) file a protest (E) take into consideration

8. IMPEL (A) accuse (B) force (C) encourage (D) prevent (E) pierce

9. CONSTRAINTS (A) group processes (B) new laws (C) doctrines (D) current news (E) limits

10. ORTHODOX (A) accepted (B) ?awless (C) contradictory (D) dignified (E) extraordinary

 11. COUNTERPART (A) hindrance (B) peace offering (C) password (D) balance of power (E) duplicate

12. LOW-KEY (A) of?cial (B) secret (C) restrained (D) unheard of (E) complicated

13. STIPULATION (A) imitation (B) signal (C) excitement (D) agreement (E) decoration

14. ANTITHESIS (A) ?xed dislike (B) musical response (C) lack of feeling (D) direct opposite (E) prior knowledge

15. TRANSITORY (A) short-lived (B) delayed (C) idle (D) unexpected (E) clear

16. ENTRENCHED (A) filled up (B) bordered by (C) followed by (D) kept down (E) dug in

17. LOT (A) name (B) right (C) folly (D) fate (E) oath

 18. APPREHENSION (A) gratitude (B) requirement (C) apology (D) dread (E) punishment

 19. AMENABLE (A) religious (B) masculine (C) proud (D) brave (E) agreeable

20. AFFLUENT (A) neutral (B) sentimental (C) wealthy (D) handsome (E) evil