Vocab Test - 13


1. VELOCITY (A) willingness (B) swiftness (C) truthfulness (D) smoothness (E) skillfulness

2. ENVOY (A) messenger (B) assistant (C) planner (D) expert (E) leader

3. AUXILIARY (A) reliable (B) mechanical (C) sociable (D) supporting (E) protective

4. PINNACLE (A) topmost point (B) feather (C) fastener (D) card game (E) small boat

5. BOORISH (A) shy (B) rude (C) thieving (D) cunning (E) foreign

6. ENCOMPASS (A) include (B) measure (C) attempt (D) direct (E) border on

7. LURCH (A) trap (B) brake (C) stagger (D) waste time (E) laugh noisily

8. EFFACE (A) rub out (B) paint red (C) build upon (D) stay in front (E) bring about

9. ABOUND (A) do good (B) store up (C) run away (D) stand firm (E) be plentiful

10. THWART (A) avoid (B) accuse (C) suffer (D) block (E) serve

 11. PRUNE (A) cut off (B) expect (C) put away (D) lay waste (E) remind

12. AMIABLE (A) active (B) good-natured (C) religious (D) changeable (E) absentminded

13. IMPROVISE (A) object loudly (B) predict (C) refuse support (D) prepare offhand (E) translate

14.CONNIVE (A) cooperate secretly (B) enter quickly (C) pause slightly (D) push unexpectedly (E) need greatly

15.GAIT (A) turning over and over (B) passing in review (C) manner of walking (D) fundamental attitude (E) crowd of spectators

16. BOTCH (A) weep (B) rebel (C) resent (D) blunder (E) complain

17. DEVOID OF (A) accompanied by (B) in the care of (C) without (D) behind (E) despite

 18. PANG (A) feeling of indifference (B) sense of duty (C) fatal disease (D) universal remedy (E) spasm of pain

 19. TEDIUM (A) bad temper (B) boredom (C) warmth (D) abundance (E) musical form

20. INTIMATE (A) hospitable (B) well-behaved (C) familiar (D) plainly seen (E) forgiving