Vocab Test - 18


1. APROPOS (A) witty (B) forceful (C) nearly correct (D) richly decorated (E) to the point

2.INIMICAL (A) speechless (B) unfriendly (C) unnecessarily rude (D) poor (E) hopelessly sad

3. SORDID (A) biting (B) filthy (C) mysterious (D) grief stricken (E) sickly

4. CATACLYSM (A) severe criticism (B) gorge (C) launching device (D) unconsciousness (E) violent upheaval

5. FETTERED (A) stricken (B) scolded (C) commanded (D) confined (E) loosened

6. VERACITY (A) endurance (B) sel?shness (C) truthfulness (D) courtesy (E) thoughtfulness

7. REPLETE (A) filled (B) tarnished (C) golden (D) economical (E) wrecked

8. TREED (A) met (B) cornered (C) followed (D) searched (E) scented

9. DERISIVE (A) hereditary (B) rebellious (C) fragmentary (D) scornful (E) determined

10. TEMPER (A) decorate (B) annoy (C) blame (D) postpone (E) moderate

 11. RESIDUE (A) dwelling (B) remainder (C) debt (D) sample (E) storehouse

12. BUNGLE (A) complain (B) approach (C) live in (D) handle badly (E) talk boastfully

13. ADVOCATE (A) ?atter (B) caution (C) recommend (D) take an oath (E) charge

14. CALAMITOUS (A) disastrous (B) inexperienced (C) hard-hearted (D) scheming (E) slanderous

15. JILT (A) fill in (B) cast aside (C) move about (D) pick up (E) help forward

16. FUTILE (A) violent (B) one-sided (C) weary (D) stingy (E) useless

17. INCESSANT (A) even (B) illegal (C) dirty (D) continuous (E) loud

 18. PRATTLE (A) sell (B) storm (C) babble (D) explain (E) keep

 19. PERVERSE (A) contrary (B) rhythmic (C) imaginary (D) alert (E) rich

20. QUARRY (A) dispute (B) prey (C) initial (D) request (E) output