Vocab Test - 20


1. INSOMNIA (A) boredom (B) loss of memory (C) seasickness (D) sleeplessness (E) lonesomeness

2. FEASIBLE (A) enjoyable (B) juicy (C) regrettable (D) responsible (E) possible

3. BLURT (A) brag (B) utter impulsively (C) challenge (D) shout angrily (E) weep noisily

4. ALIENATE (A) advise (B) entertain (C) forgive (D) sympathize with (E) make unfriendly

5. STARK (A) barely (B) offensively (C) uselessly (D) completely (E) artistically

6. NONCHALANCE (A) refinement (B) foresight (C) air of indifference (D) lack of knowledge (E) lack of common sense

7. GRIT (A) honesty (B) reverence (C) trustworthiness (D) cheerfulness (E) bravery

8. MEDIATE (A) make changes (B) argue earnestly (C) consider carefully (D) propose hesitantly (E) reconcile differences

9. DE FACTO (A) commercial (B) economic (C) in reality (D) unnecessary (E) the following

10.IRREVOCABLE (A) unreliable (B) disrespectful (C) unforgivable (D) unalterable (E) heartless

 11. ABYSMAL (A) bottomless (B) ill (C) forgetful (D) unoccupied (E) slight

12. PREROGATIVE (A) forewarning (B) formal investigation (C) privilege (D) reputation (E) opening speech

13. ILLUSTRIOUS (A) believable (B) unrewarding (C) cynical (D) decorative (E) famous

14. INTERMINABLE (A) scanty (B) secret (C) open-faced (D) endless (E) stationary

15. FRANCHISE (A) secrecy (B) right to vote (C) imprisonment (D) free-for-all (E) avoidable tragedy

16. LINEAGE (A) brilliance (B) ancestry (C) narrowness (D) straightness (E) ceremony

17. RECIPROCATE (A) reconsider (B) refresh (C) repay (D) recall (E) reclaim

 18.REBUFF (A) send back (B) make over (C) snub (D) defend (E) remind

 19. CLANDESTINE (A) unfriendly (B) fateful (C) unified (D) secret (E) argumentative

20. LETHARGY (A) unnatural drowsiness (B) excessive caution (C) lack of consideration (D) vice (E) foolishness