Vocab Test - 22


1. SOLICIT (A) request (B) worry (C) command (D) deny (E) depend

2. PERTURB (A) pierce (B) ?lter (C) calculate (D) agitate (E) disregard

3. JAUNTY (A) bored (B) envious (C) quarrelsome (D) chatty (E) lively

4. DRIVEL (A) shrill laughter (B) foolish talk (C) untidy dress (D) waste matter (E) quaint humor

5. FRUGAL (A) sickly (B) sparing (C) slow (D) chilled (E) frightened

6. IOTA (A) first step (B) sacred picture (C) ornamental scroll (D) crystalline substance (E) very small quantity

7. POACH (A) squander (B) trespass (C) outwit (D) bully (E) borrow

8. DEFECTION (A) delay (B) slander (C) respect (D) desertion (E) exemption

9. MASTICATE (A) chew (B) slaughter (C) ripen (D) enroll (E) tangle

10. ANALOGY (A) imitation (B) research (C) calendar (D) similarity (E) disagreement

 11. DILEMMA (A) punishment (B) division in ranks (C) ability to detect (D) perplexing choice (E) word with two meanings

12. CELESTIAL (A) musical (B) heavenly (C) stately (D) unmarried (E) aged

13. MILITANT (A) political (B) mighty (C) aggressive (D) peaceable (E) illegal

14.EMINENT (A) noted (B) moral (C) future (D) low (E) unwise

15. PERCEIVE (A) resolve (B) observe (C) organize (D) stick in (E) copy down

16. IDIOSYNCRASY (A) stupidity (B) virtue (C) personal peculiarity (D) foreign dialect (E) similarity

17. EDIFICE (A) tool (B) large building (C) garden (D) mushroom (E) set of books

 18. SEEDY (A) dishonest (B) helpless (C) vague (D) nervous (E) shabby

 19.SUPPLANT (A) spend (B) unite (C) recall (D) replace (E) purpose

20. DESIST (A) loiter (B) stand (C) hurry (D) stumble (E) stop