Vocab Test - 24


1. CONJECTURE (A) work (B) joke (C) initiate (D) add (E) guess

2. DAIS (A) platform (B) easy chair (C) waiting room (D) ornamental pin (E) figurehead

3. IMPETUS (A) deadlock (B) collision (C) warning (D) wickedness (E) stimulus

4. INTROSPECTIVE (A) lacking strength (B) practicing self-examination (C) highly critical (D) intrusive (E) lacking confidence

5. DEIFY (A) describe (B) disobey (C) make presentable (D) worship as a god (E) challenge

6. AGGREGATION (A) method (B) irritation (C) prize (D) collection (E) blessing

7. EXALTED (A) honored (B) underhanded (C) funny (D) conceited (E) secondary

8. POTENTATE (A) slave (B) soldier (C) adviser (D) informer (E) ruler

9. INTIMIDATE (A) frighten (B) suggest (C) dare (D) border upon (E) befriend

10.SARDONIC (A) decorative (B) polished (C) strange (D) fashionable (E) sarcastic

 11. ELECTRIFY (A) punish (B) improve (C) thrill (D) explain (E) investigate

12. DISCRETION (A) special privilege (B) individual judgment (C) unfair treatment (D) disagreement (E) embarrassment

13. GRAPPLE (A) dive (B) wrestle (C) handle (D) fit together (E) fondle

14. LAUDABLE (A) brave (B) comical (C) peaceful (D) praiseworthy (E) conspicuous

15. LONGEVITY (A) wisdom (B) length of life (C) society (D) system of measure (E) loudness

16. BLANCH (A) destroy (B) drink (C) whiten (D) feel (E) mend

17. SHREW (A) moneylender (B) fortuneteller (C) chronic invalid (D) unruly child (E) scolding woman

 18. STALWART (A) diseased (B) feeble (C) needy (D) sturdy (E) truthful

 19. APOGEE (A) rate of ascent (B) force of gravity (C) measuring device (D) expression of regret (E) highest point

20. BANTER (A) tease playfully (B) strut boldly (C) ruin (D) bend slightly (E) relieve