Vocab Test - 30


1. EQUITABLE (A) charitable (B) even-tempered (C) two-faced (D) undecided (E) just

2. AFFRONT (A) quarrel (B) fright (C) denial (D) boast (E) insult

3. EPOCH (A) heroic deed (B) legend (C) witty saying (D) period of time (E) summary

4. RETRIBUTION (A) donation (B) jealousy (C) intense emotion (D) slow withdrawal (E) punishment

5. ABASE (A) forgive (B) degrade (C) attach (D) take leave (E) cut off

6.CAREEN (A) celebrate (B) mourn (C) ridicule (D) lurch (E) beckon

7. CONVIVIAL (A) formal (B) gay (C) rotating (D) well-informed (E) insulting

8. RAMPANT (A) playful (B) crumbling (C) roundabout (D) unchecked (E) defensive

9. DOCILE (A) delicate (B) positive (C) dreary (D) obedient (E) melodious

10. VESTIGE (A) bone (B) test (C) entrance (D) cloak (E) trace

 11. IMPEDIMENT (A) foundation (B) conceit (C) hindrance (D) luggage (E) instrument

12. ADHERE (A) pursue (B) control (C) arrive (D) cling (E) attend

13. COMPOSURE (A) sensitiveness (B) weariness (C) stylishness (D) hopefulness (E) calmness

14. PROVOCATION (A) sacred vow (B) formal announcement (C) cause of irritation (D) careful management (E) expression of disgust

15.SAVORY (A) thrifty (B) wise (C) appetizing (D) warm (E) uncivilized

16. CANDID (A) hidden (B) shining (C) straightforward (D) critical (E) warmhearted

17.ECLIPSE (A) stretch (B) obscure (C) glow (D) overlook (E) insert

 18.CORRELATE (A) punish (B) wrinkle (C) conspire openly (D) give additional proof (E) connect systematically

 19. INFIRMITY (A) disgrace (B) unhappiness (C) rigidity (D) hesitation (E) weakness

20. PALPITATE (A) faint (B) harden (C) throb (D) soothe (E) taste