Vocab Test - 31


1. CHAFE (A) pretend (B) joke (C) drink deeply (D) irritate (E) lose courage

2. MISCONSTRUE (A) hate (B) destroy (C) misbehave (D) misinterpret (E) misplace

3.PHILANTHROPIST (A) student of language (B) collector of stamps (C) lover of mankind (D) seeker of truth (E) enemy of culture

4. CASTE (A) feudal system (B) division of society (C) political theory (D) method of punishment (E) monetary system

5. CHASTEN (A) punish (B) engrave (C) attract (D) trick (E) laugh at

6. CONDUCIVE (A) pardonable (B) identical (C) incidental (D) helpful (E) exceptional

7. SUBORDINATE (A) hostile (B) inferior (C) separate (D) earlier (E) adaptable

8. SUPERFLUOUS (A) inexact (B) excessive (C) insincere (D) excellent (E) unreal

9.WIELD (A) protect (B) handle (C) postpone (D) resign (E) unite

10. GARISH (A) showy (B) talkative (C) sleepy (D) thin (E) vine-covered

 11. MEANDER (A) grumble (B) wander aimlessly (C) come between (D) weigh carefully (E) sing

12. DESTITUTION (A) trickery (B) fate (C) lack of practice (D) recovery (E) extreme poverty

13. MALIGN (A) slander (B) prophesy (C) entreat (D) approve (E) praise

14. IMPOTENT (A) unwise (B) lacking strength (C) free of sin (D) without shame (E) commanding

15. SNIVEL (A) crawl (B) cut short (C) whine (D) doze (E) giggle

16. SOJOURN (A) court order (B) nickname (C) temporary stay (D) slip of the tongue (E) makeshift

17. PLATITUDE (A) home remedy (B) trite remark (C) balance wheel (D) rare animal (E) protective film

 18.CONCORD (A) brevity (B) blame (C) kindness (D) worry (E) agreement

 19.ABOMINABLE (A) hateful (B) ridiculous (C) untamed (D) mysterious (E) boastful

20. QUALM (A) sudden misgiving (B) irritation (C) cooling drink (D) deceit (E) attention to detail