Vocab Test - 33


1. INCUR (A) take to heart (B) anticipate (C) bring down on oneself (D) impress by repetition (E) attack

2. CAUSTIC (A) solemn (B) puzzling (C) biting (D) influential (E) attentive

3.DILATE (A) retard (B) fade (C) wander (D) expand (E) startle

4. APATHY (A) fixed dislike (B) skill (C) sorrow (D) lack of feeling (E) discontent

5. ELICIT (A) draw forth (B) cross out (C) run away (D) lengthen (E) revise

6. JUDICIOUS (A) wise (B) dignified (C) lighthearted (D) confused (E) respectful

7. UNSCATHED (A) unashamed (B) uninjured (C) unskilled (D) unsuccessful (E) unconscious

8. CHIDE (A) misbehave (B) cool (C) select (D) conceal (E) scold

9. CHARLATAN (A) scholar (B) acrobat (C) quack (D) faithful servant (E) fast talker (E) mean

10. DISBURSE (A) remove forcibly (B) twist (C) amuse (D) vary slightly (E) pay out

 11. PARAMOUNT (A) equal (B) supreme (C) well-known (D) dif?cult (E) ready

12. BROCHURE (A) heavy shoe (B) weapon (C) pamphlet (D) trite remark (E) ornament

13. FIDELITY (A) happiness (B) bravery (C) prosperity (D) hardness (E) loyalty

14. DIFFUSE (A) explain (B) scatter (C) differ (D) congeal (E) dart

15. AGGRESSIVE (A) disgusting (B) impulsive (C) shortsighted (D) coarse-grained (E) self-assertive

16. AMASS (A) accumulate (B) encourage (C) comprehend (D) blend (E) astonish

17. DIABOLIC (A) puzzling (B) uneducated (C) ornamental (D) ?endish (E) spinning

 18. FORBEARANCE (A) rejection (B) forgetfulness (C) sensitivity (D) patience (E) expectation

 19. TAINT (A) snarl (B) infect (C) unite (D) annoy (E) list

20. DISGRUNTLED (A) untidy (B) rambling (C) disabled (D) cheating (E) displeased