Vocab Test - 34


1. COLLABORATE (A) condense (B) converse (C) arrange in order (D) provide proof (E) act jointly

2. FUTILITY (A) uselessness (B) timelessness (C) stinginess (D) happiness (E) indistinctness

3. INTACT (A) blunt (B) fashionable (C) hidden (D) uninjured (E) attentive

4. FERVOR (A) originality (B) justice (C) zeal (D) productivity (E) corruption

5. UNERRING (A) modest (B) illogical (C) ghostly (D) matchless (E) unfailing

6.REFUTE (A) polish (B) disprove (C) throw away (D) break up (E) shut out

7. CONSENSUS (A) steadfastness of purpose (B) general agreement (C) lack of harmony (D) informal vote (E) impressive amount

8. COMPLIANT (A) tangled (B) grumbling (C) self-satisfied (D) treacherous (E) submissive

9. ACCESS (A) agreement (B) rapidity (C) welcome (D) approach (E) surplus

10.PRUDENT (A) wise (B) overcritical (C) famous (D) dull (E) early

 11. APPEASE (A) attack (B) soothe (C) pray for (D) estimate (E) confess

12. RUTHLESS (A) senseless (B) sinful (C) ruddy (D) pitiless (E) degrading

13. MUSTER (A) rebel (B) mask (C) gather (D) dampen (E) grumble

14. EXECRATE (A) embarrass (B) desert (C) omit (D) curse (E) resign

15. KNOLL (A) elf (B) mound (C) bell (D) development (E) technique

16. IRATE (A) evil (B) wandering (C) repetitious (D) colorful (E) angry

17. GRIMACE (A) peril (B) subtle suggestion (C) signal (D) wry face (E) impurity

 18. ACME (A) layer (B) summit (C) edge (D) pit (E) interval

 19. COVENANT (A) solemn agreement (B) formal invitation (C) religious ceremony (D) general pardon (E) hiding place

20. APPALL (A) honor (B) decorate (C) calm (D) bore (E) dismay