Vocab Test - 9


1. BOLSTER (A) reinforce (B) thicken (C) uncover (D) quote (E) bother

2. INFRINGEMENT (A) old age (B) added benefit (C) protection (D) violation (E) reproofing

3. AGILE (A) colored (B) healthy (C) dull (D) false (E) nimble

4. DIVERSIFY (A) fix (B) vary (C) correct (D) relieve (E) explain

5. RUSTLE (A) steal (B) instruct (C) strive (D) bend (E) tax

6. HAPLESS (A) optimistic (B) uncounted (C) unfortunate (D) simple (E) unyielding

7. UNPRETENTIOUS (A) loyal (B) virtuous (C) modest (D) fair (E) extravagant

8. BUOY (A) wet (B) dry up (C) rescue (D) sustain (E) direct

9. PARAGON (A) weak pun (B) even distribution (C) geometric figure (D) moralistic story (E) model of excellence

10. INDIGENOUS (A) confused (B) native (C) poor (D) unconcerned (E) wrathful

 11. PROLOGUE (A) stairway (B) introduction (C) conversation (D) reading (E) extension

12. ACKNOWLEDGE (A) propose (B) strangle (C) convict (D) advance (E) admit

13. INDICTMENT (A) accusation (B) publisher (C) announcer (D) conviction (E) trial

14. LACKLUSTER (A) sparkling (B) tender (C) misty (D) uninspired (E) disobedient

15. CONDOMINIUM (A) new type of metal (B) noisy celebration (C) individually owned apart- ment (D) important decision (E) group meeting

16. INCUMBENT (A) office holder (B) lawyer (C) politician (D) green vegetable (E) sacred honor

17. POLARIZATION (A) performance in cold weather (B) point of view (C) change in opinion (D) division into opposites (E) cultural bias

 18. GENESIS (A) wisdom (B) origin (C) classi?cation (D) humor (E) night

 19. DIMINUTION (A) devotion (B) difference (C) dif?culty (D) decision (E) decrease

20. WARY (A) sorrowful (B) lazy (C) unfriendly (D) cautious (E) hopeful