Vocab Test - 10


1. INTANGIBLE (A) incomplete (B) individual (C) vagile (D) uninjured (E) careless

2. COMPLIANT (A) yielding (B) standing (C) admiring (D) trusting (E) grabbing

3. ERADICATE (A) exclaim (B) heat up (C) break out (D) plant (E) eliminate

4. ABYSS (A) great ignorance (B) evil man (C) bottomless pit (D) wide sea (E) religious sign

5. CRITERION (A) standard (B) award (C) achievement (D) objection (E) claim

6. IRREVERENT (A) illogical (B) unimportant (C) violent (D) disrespectful (E) unafraid

7. SALLOW (A) temporary (B) animal-like (C) stupid (D) clean (E) yellowish

8. RENOUNCE (A) proclaim (B) approve (C) give up (D) guarantee (E) speak plainly

9. ASSIMILATE (A) pretend (B) absorb (C) poke (D) copy (E) expect

10. EXHORT (A) annoy (B) deduct (C) enlarge quickly (D) urge strongly (E) stick out

 11. JEST (A) spout (B) trot (C) joke (D) judge (E) leap

12. MOLEST (A) disturb (B) reduce (C) submit (D) delight (E) urge

13. TURMOIL (A) conclusion (B) reversal (C) meanness (D) confusion (E) mistake

14.ORDINANCE (A) trial (B) law (C) right (D) fault (E) property

15. LATERAL (A) financial (B) lingering (C) of the past (D) from the beginning (E) to the side

16. PIGMENT (A) light (B) pillar (C) dye (D) weed (E) book

17. CONCEPT (A) desire (B) thought (C) solution (D) method (E) experiment

 18. ORNATE (A) elaborate (B) original (C) systematic (D) unbecoming (E) obsolete

 19. BEGRUDGE (A) roar mightily (B) walk swiftly (C) give reluctantly (D) await eagerly (E) seek desperately

20. REPOSE (A) task (B) calm (C) strain (D) fact (E) surprise