What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Strength is something which gives you advantage over others to achieve something more. Weakness is a bottleneck which reduces your performance. 

What ever strength or weakness you say in interview, the immediate question would be "give me one example why you feel xyz is your strength? or why abc is your weakness?

Guidelines to answer this question:

1.  Find your real strength which you believe that you have gained more in your professional career.  Some common strengths are 1. Effective communication  2. Hard working  3. Teamwork  4. Good organizing skills 5. Positive attitude  6. Adaptability 7. Problem solving skills  8. Ability to learn
Be ready to give one example why do you believe that it is your strength.

2.  Be double sure to say creativity or communication is your strength.  If you say creativity, how do you prove it? or If you say communication skills, the interviewer easily judge by listening 5 minutes to you whether you really are articulate or not. 

3. Choose your weakness in such a way that you can do something in future to overcome that.

Sample answer 1. 
I am a gregarious person and I can easily mingle with people.  2. My self-confidence and positive attitude add beauty to my personality.   3. Through hard work and perseverance, I have accomplished my EAMCET  Rank.
My weakness is that I don’t like general reading. But now I started Cultivating that habit and my favorite book is “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho.

Sample answer 2. 
 I am committed to the work assigned to me and I complete it with in the time as I believe in the statement ‘Nothing is Impossible through dedication and hard work’.   I can make myself comfortable and adaptive to difficult situations.
Weakness: I am little bit nervous to speak in a group. But I have given good number of paper presentations to overcome this.

 Sample answer 3.
Confidence and making others as friends are my strengths. Whatever work i am initialise, i will never loose the confidence till it gets completed. I was lazy to wake up on morning before 7.  But if it is necessary i can woke up.but i can do work up to late night. And i was frustrated when i was loose my temper.

Sample answer 4. 
My strengths are commitment towards my work, friendly nature & Puntuality.  My weakness is believing every one which sometimes leads me into troubles.

Sample Answer 5:
Among many of my strengths I like to mention My Hard working Nature, Honesty, Dedication, commitment and responsibility in my work, good knowledge on computers, helping nature, good communication skills, ability to manage with all kinds of people and finally my favorite is speculating capability.

My strengths helped me lot in various achievements like top in class, recognized as good student by my teachers. I was treated as computer guru by my friends. By seeing my discipline, dedication and responsibility I got opportunity to be a project member for R&D Department.

My weaknesses is I am a bit sensitive i.e. easily gets hurt but I had habituated to control myself in many situations I faced.

Sample Answer 6:
My confidence, perseverance in doing things are my strengths and they are crucial in my success. In my second year B.Tech i presented papers. I was very nervous during my first presentation and I could not even speak out properly. I prepared myself to that environment and for my next presentation i was very confident and I won a prize for my presentation. The confidence is all that matters.
My weakness is my nervousness and I overcome it by positive thinking and confidence.

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