What would you do If you are not selected for this job?

This question will be asked to see whether the incumbant has any alternate plans or how much he is interested in the company. But always show disappointment on your face and having positive attitude makes you win this question.
Sample Answer 1:
This is my first Interview. Though I get little disappointed, I do not carry this emotion for long time. I will take this as an experience to rectify my mistakes and to attend other interviews with confidence.

Sample Answer 2:
 I will accept the failure with sportiveness. I will rectify my mistakes and prepare for other interviews.

Sample Answer 3:
First thing to say, I haven’t thought anything about what to do if I am not selected in your organization. All my academic performances, my good character and my unmatched skills and strengths made me confident about my good placement in a MNC Company like yours. My desire is to join in your company, grow into a worthy employee and if my dreams come true I will become a part of the team in your Computational Research Labs.

Sample Answer 4:
I try to learn why i was not selected so that i could find the way to rectify the mistakes & appear again to your organization in off campus interviews.

Sample Answer 5:
I am having a lot of interest in getting job in your organization. I never disappoint and i will learn what mistakes i did and prepare well and again attend off-campus to your organization in few months.

Sample Answer 6: (by Ravi Ranjan)
As a professional, this is my first interview.  If I am not selected in today interview, then I will be little disappointed and in future I will work on my weakness and look forward with new enthusiasm and energy.

Sample Answer 6: (by Vikash kumar singh)
If I am not selected than obiously i will be little bit dissapointed because Yours is my dream company but it would not be the end of the path on which I am travelling, I will try to know where I have done mistake and i will try my level best to overcome that as soon as possible and the next time when I will come,  I would definetly be selected.

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