Can you work under pressure? or How do you handle pressure at work?

This question is very relevant in modern day work place because most of the employees are under constant pressure to remain up to date in their work and be able to work for extended hours (sometimes all day and night ).  Example :  Those who are opting for jobs such as software and those who work in very competitive business environment face more stress and high pressure.  So the interviewer wants to find out how strong you are in handling such stress/pressure.

Try to recollect a situation where you felt highly stressful and have to deal with it.  Facing competition from fellow students, examinations, family issue, money matters, health, personality issues are some examples where stress/pressure are inevitable.

Sample Answer 1 :
Me and my classmates were preparing for a very tough competition on all India level where we have to present a topic to a group of experts.  There was enough time for us to prepare the required presentation and do rehearsals.  Every day we thought we will start working on the presentation and used to stall if to next day.  Suddenly we realized that we don’t have enough time left for doing a good presentation and we are under tremendous pressure.  We decided that we will not sleep until we finish preparing the presentation.  We successfully finished preparing the presentation and we spent extra hours to prepare and did reasonably well in the competition.

Sample Answer 2:
Yes sir. Because I believe that there is no gain without pain. Pressure is generally an opportunity to step one more feet higher than present. It teaches us how to work in different situations and how to work in a smart way.

Sample Answer 3:

I think working under pressure is good to some extent because it creates seriousness in the person and makes him to concentrate more on his work and helps him to finish the task on time or even before the given time. But anything in extreme is always bad. 

If the pressure is very high one can feel nervous and cannot put on his best efforts. So if I feel that the pressure is optimum I will take it as a challenge and will try to give my best. But I feel that the pressure is very high I definitely cannot work under such pressure. Even if I work I think I cannot give cent percent result which my superior desire for.

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