Describe your ideal company, location and job ? What kind of job do you like ?

This is a question to understand if you are really interested in the present company you are interviewing and your view about what kind of job you like to do.  If you do not express genuine enthusiasm for the job, firm, its culture, location, industry, etc. in your answer then you are giving a chance for the interviewer to eliminate you.

The reason you are attending the interview is that you like to work for that company.  So make sure to understand their work culture and just use that in your answer.

Sample Answer 1:
For me an ideal company is that which helps me to enhance my skills and helps me in developing myself as a professional.

My ideal job is one which gives me satisfaction and also in which I can use my whole potential.

My ideal location is that where I can get new things to learn and where the people around me are hardworking, honest and for whom the work is the first priority.

Sample Answer 2 :
This is my ideal company for which I’m interviewing for .  I love to work in a company where there is enough room to use my skills without fear but simultaneously acquire new skills from team mates and the projects.  I enjoy and look forward to learn something new on any given day so I can use the experience in the projects I work.  As far as location is concerned I’m presently a bachelor and ready to work anywhere as long as I’m comfortable with the culture, surroundings and the work environment and growth opportunities the company provides.

Sample Answer 3 : (By Sontyana Roja)
I would like to do job in a company where i can enhance my skills and knowledge as a professional. My ideal company is like where I can get job satisfaction and use all of my potential. My ideal location is that where I have a chance to learn new things and people around me are honest to work and for whom work is the first priority.

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