How do you deal conflicts? or Think of a situation where you handled a conflict successfully?

This question is to judge couple of factors such as your team skills, how you handle your emotions and how well you solve a given conflict.  The interviewer wants to find out, if you know how to deal with others and challenging situation.

You have to check if you have any stories to tell where you resolved the conflict.  Think of differences with friends, family or others and how you are able to handle it.

Here is one story that happens quite often in college days.  Let us say that you are part of a team and your class is responsible for planning and hosting a big event at college.  You are given some tasks and you depend on your other team mates; so that together you all can come up with good outcome of your efforts.  But your friends are not doing their part well and you are upset with it.  Think how you deal with it and solve the conflict.

Sample Answer:
We hosted a big event which had multiple programs and our team was assigned to take care of receiving the guests, serving them food, beverages, giving them the right information of where and what events they can attend.  My team mates were not paying attention to the tasks assigned to them and I was having hard time keeping them together.  I took up the issue and gathered them together and explained the problem.  I told them that by knowing and networking with the guests they may benefit from them in future in some form.  So they realized the value of doing their job.  Most of them have realized the mistake and together we are able to finish the task given to us.

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