Tell me about something you did-or failed to do-that you now feel a little ashamed of.

This question is a trap to see how you feel or regret a situation. Some interviewers ask this question to see how you will view a failure and how you planned to correct the failure so that the mistake is not repeated again.  In real life projects the chances of failing are possible and the interviewer has to make sure how well you handle the failure, how you correct the mistake and move forward by not repeating the mistake again.  Some unprepared candidates may consider some personal or family failure as theirs.  Again this question should be answered with respect to the job position you are applying.

My observation about college life is that most of the students won’t pay attention to what matters most during college and how college education helps them to build their career and life.  They waste tremendous amount of time on gossips, wandering around and studying just before a few days to exams etc.  So in my opinion I think the following answer aptly applies to most of the students.

Sample Answer :
I failed to understand the value of time during my early days of college life and now I feel upset about. Fortunately I was able to meet corporate professionals from Indian and foreign companies who gave lectures at my college and realized the value of time and how to allocate time for what is important to life.

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