If you could start your life over, what would you change ?

This question is usually asked to uncover any life-influencing mistakes, regrets, disappointments or problems that may continue to affect your personality and performance.

The answer is unique to each one of the student.  Look back at what you have done differently.

If you are happy with your life then Indicate that you are a happy, fulfilled, optimistic person and that, in general, you would n’t change a thing.

Sample Answer 1 :
I did not realize the gap between education and corporate skills until my last year.  If I could start my life again the one thing that I would have done is to start preparing for employable skills, read newspapers every day, improve my knowledge about companies and their business from the first year itself.  I realize now that it take time to become good at language or other skills and all students should start working towards their career goals from the first year of  their college.

Sample Answer  2:
I haven’t realized the value of good communication or English language skills until I reached the final year.  I wish I have realized the importance of that in my early days.  Fortunately I’m able to learn the skills now during my final year of college.

Sample Answer 3 :
“It’s been a good life, rich in learning and experience, and the best is yet to come.  Every experience in life is a lesson it its own way.  I wouldn’t change a thing.”

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