If you won $10 million or 10 crore, would you still work?

This question tests your attitude towards work.  Diplomatically you should say, I can continue to work but providing a more convincing answer is really impressive.

Sample Answer 1: 
Yes, I will work because if luck can bring me a lottery, then fate can make me lose it as well. Good times are always followed by bad ones. There are always ups and downs.

Sample Answer 2:
Yes Sir, I will continue my work with you. Money comes and goes whereas the knowledge and skills that I will get at your organization is my life time opportunity that I dreams. So money is only important for the luxuries life but knowledge is for success in each and every moment of your life.

Sample Answer 3:
First, I will take two days approved leave from my boss and smartly invest these 10 million for a better future with a professional's help.  I will continue working because "The more you learn, The more you earn". I believe working on day to day challenges give so much of learning and I don't want to stay on that.

Sample Answer 4: 
I will be so exited and will for sure take a vacation fro work because I cannot focus at that time for a while until my excitement comes down. Since I have not seen that kind of money I will take trust worthy person's advice what to do with that money.  Meanwhile I will continue working until I get some clarity of what can be done with that kind of money and then decide the future steps.

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